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Redirect Email from Partners to Molbio

Brief Summary: It is possible to redirect your Partners email ( OR to your Molbio email ( The process, outlined below, should only take a few minutes and activates immediately. 

*WARNING* If you already have your Partners mail setup in a mail client, redirecting your email could result in your seeing TWO copies of your Partners mail. If that happens please contact Computer Services for assistance:



1. Start by logging into the Partners Outlook web portal.



2. Click on Options menu in the upper right hand corner followed by Create an Inbox Rule...


3. Click the New... dropdown menu and select Create a new rule for arriving messages

4. Select Apply to all messages from the list of options in the first box and then Redirect the message to in the second. A link will appear 'Select People...' click this link to type in your molbio email address.



5. Type your molbio email address into the To -> field and then click Ok.

6. You should now your new rule listed on the screen below. Click Save to activate the rule and start redirecting mail.


7. Your rule should look like this. No further action is needed. Send yourself a test message to your Partners email address to make sure the mail is being properly redirected from Partners to Molbio.