Andrej Savol

Sadreyev Lab

Bioinformatician Specialist


  1. Lau MS, Schwartz MG, Kundu S, Savol AJ, Wang PI, Marr SK, Grau DJ, Schorderet P, Sadreyev RI, Tabin CJ, Kingston RE. Mutation of a nucleosome compaction region disrupts Polycomb-mediated axial patterning. Science 2017 Mar 10; 355(6329):1081-1084.

  2. 2016
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  4. 2015
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  6. 2014
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  9. 2013
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  11. 2012
  12. Ramanathan A, Savol AJ, Agarwal PK, Chennubhotla CS. Event detection and sub-state discovery from biomolecular simulations using higher-order statistics: application to enzyme adenylate kinase. Proteins 2012 Nov; 80(11):2536-51.

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  14. 2011
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