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Export Roundcube address book to Zimbra

If you have been migrated to the Zimbra mail system and have been using the address book feature of the Roundcube web interface to manage your personal contacts and addresees, these can be easily imported into your Zimbra account in a few steps.


Log in to Roundcube using your old username and password. Click on the Address Book icon at the top of the page and select your Personal Addresses from the left sidebar. If you click on the right-most icon in the second row, the one of a blue folder with a green arrow pointing down, you can export your contacts to a VCF file.


Be sure to save the contacts to a file, not open them in another application.


Now log in to the Zimbra web interface. Select the Preferences tab from the top and then Import / Export from the left sidebar. In the import section select the Browse button and find the file that you saved in the previous step. Zimbra ought to automatically recognize the content type and set the Destination as Contacts. Click the Import button and that is that. If you switch to the Address Book tab you should now see your imported contacts, which should also sync to any devices or programs that you have also setup with your Zimbra contacts.