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How-To Access Kronos For Time Keeping

Partners/MGB maintains a site for those working on non-standard computers to access standard applications, including Kronos. This site downloads an application called Citrix which will give you access. To install Citrix on your system and access Kronos follow the directions below. 

1. Open a web browser and go to and sign in using your Partners/MGB account credentials.


2. Click on 'Detect Receiver'. This tells the site to look and see if Citrix is already installed on your computer. It probably won't be in which case you'll need to install it. However if you already have Citirix installed that's fine, you can simply skip ahead in the directions. Check the box to agree with the license agreement and Download the Citrix installer. 

3. Once the installer has finished downloading double click on the 'Install Citrix Workspace' icon and click through the installer dialouge. Leave the box about configuring a workspace unchecked. 

4. Once the Citrix application has finished installing refresh the browser window. You should see a pop-up message requesting permission to allow the site to access Citrix on your computer. Click the 'Allow' box and 'Open'. A Citrix window should now open in the broswer window. If nothing happens click the 'Already Installed' link at the bottom of the page. A warning will pop up about running Citrix. Click 'Open'.

6. You should now see the Citrix web site. Search for the Kronos app. then download it to your computer. 

7. Open the file downloaded in step 3 above. This will open a window set to Kronos.