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Zimbra: Address Book Setup


This document will walk you through how to setup Address Book in Mac OS with your Zimbra contacts on Daedalus. The screenshots here are for Mac OS 10.7 (Lion), but the basic settings here will apply to pretty much any version of Mac OS from 10.6 on up. If you are running an earlier version of Mac OS you will not be able to use these directions, as this setup utilizes CardDAV which is only a feature in more recent versions of iCal.

Initial Setup

In the Address Book application, open the Preferences and select the Accounts tab. By default you will have an entry for On My Mac, which is all of the contacts stored locally on your computer. Click the Add Account (+) button in the bottom left corner.

Be sure that Account type is set as CardDAV. Enter your Zimbra login (email address) and password. Set the Server address as

Go ahead and change the Description to something a bit more reasonable to show up in a list.

You are basically all set. It would be a good idea to go back to the General preferences tab and change the Default Account from On My Mac to your Zimbra account. This way new contacts/addresses created from Address Book or Mail will automatically be entered into Zimbra.


If you want to move your local contacts from On My Mac to Zimbra, these are the basic steps you want to follow:

  1. Go to the View menu and select Groups. Change the view to All on My Mac.
  2. Click an entry in the list of names and then Select All from the Edit menu.
  3. From the File menu select Export... > Export vCard... and save the resulting file.
  4. Log in to the Zimbra web interface and select the Preferences tab and the Import / Export sidebar option.
  5. Under the import section, browse for the vCard file you just saved and choose to import that into your Contacts.

This will import all of the contacts saved in your Mac Address Book into Zimbra. If you go back to the Mac Address Book and change the Group view to All Contacts, you now ought to see duplicate entries for everyone: the copy on your Mac along with the copy now in Zimbra. You now ought to be able to go back to the On My Mac view and delete all of the local addresses. You can just stick with only viewing the Zimbra account if you are afraid to delete things, but you risk the possibility of using old locally stored contact information instead of potential updates which you made in Zimbra later on.