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Mac Mail: Migrating from Amber to Zimbra

Mac MailIntro

This document will walk you through how to setup Mac OS Mail for your Zimbra account that has been transferred over from the Amber server. The screenshots here are for Mac OS 10.7 (Lion), but the basic settings here should apply to pretty much any version of Mac OS. If you looking to setup a brand new, unused, Zimbra account in Mac Mail, you should instead look at this page.

Initial Setup

For starting out, we want to keep your existing Amber mail configuration in place. One of the last email messages that should be showing up in your Amber mailbox is one which points to this very documentation and lists your username for the server (a version of your email address) and your new password to be used on the Zimbra server (Daedalus).

The first step is to go into your Preferences... under the Mail menu and select the Accounts tab. Here you will see your current Amber account configuration as well as any other email accounts you might have setup (Partners, etc). To add your new Zimbra account configuration, click the + sign in the bottom left corner (circled here in red).

In the Add Account window, enter your name, email address and new password you were just supplied.

Next, select IMAP as your Account Type. The Description field can be set to whatever you want, this is what your mailboxes will be listed under in the Mail program (and can always be changed later). The Incoming Mail Server should be set to and your Username should be set to the same as the one given with your new password (it will most likely be your regular email address).

For the Outgoing Mail Server enter and check the Use Authentication box. The Description can, again, be an arbitrary name.

You will now get a summary of your account settings, which ought to look something like the following. Make sure to uncheck the Take account online box. There are some additional settings that you want to check before before you take the account online. That said, go ahead and click the Create button.

Final Setup

Now you want to go into your Preferences... under the Mail menu and select the Accounts tab and select the Zimbra account you just created. Here is where you can change the server Description or how your Full Name is shown if needed.

Click on the Mailbox Behaviors tab. You should select the Store junk messages on the server option and set an age at which they should be automatically deleted. You should also confirm that the age at which Sent and Trash messages will be deleted are to your liking. The default values may not be the same as what you are using currently on Amber.

Go to the Junk Mail tab and choose the option When junk mail arrives to Move into the Junk mailbox and confirm the choice (assuming you hadn't set them already). At this point you can close out the Preferences.

It should now be safe to take the Zimbra account online. Go to the Mailbox menu and select Online Status > Take "Molbio Zimbra" Online (or whatever you set the Description as).

The next steps are to properly map your Sent and Trash folders (the Junk one was taken care of when saving Junk on the server was enabled). Select your Sent folder under your new account description in the left sidebar then go to the Mailbox menu and select Use This Mailbox For > Sent. Repeat the same process for the Trash folder, only Use This Mailbox For > Trash. There will be three extra folders which are related to Zimbra's functionality: Chats, Contacts and Emailed Contacts. You should just leave them

When you are all done, your Mail window should look like the following:

At this point your Zimbra account is fully configured in Mail. If you look in the Inbox, you are going to see duplicates of all but your most recent messages, as Mail is giving you a combined view the old Amber inbox and the new Zimbra mailbox. You should now be able to safely remove your old Amber configuration now. Go back into the Preferences... and select the Accounts tab and your Amber account in the list. Click the - button in the bottom left corner and confirm that you wish to remove the account.

You are now done. Enjoy your new mail system