Computer Services

Computer Services Core
Department of Molecular Biology
Simches Research Center
Boston, MA 02114

Desktop Services: Norm tenBroek
Server Services: Jonathan Delgado

Fax: (617) 726-6137



The Computing and Technology Core, in the Dept of Molecular Biology, provides high-level computer based services to MGH researchers and affiliated groups on a fee-for-service, break-even basis. Our service is tailored around the specific, and sometimes individualized, needs of the research community at MGH.

The types of service the Core provides fall under the category of personal, professional services. The Core assists the researcher in all things technology related; e.g. buying a computer, PDA or cell phone, software installation and use, cross-institutional data manipulation, or high-end data analysis. Any equipment and/or software acquisitions that are required by a client group are separate from the services provided and must be purchased from the client group’s funds over and above those funds used to cover the core services being rendered. Below is a partial list of our services:

Desktop Division

General Computer Issues: Full range of desktop support, including; setup, configuration, software installation, troubleshooting, minor (non-warranty) repairs and software training.

Mobile Technology: PDA/Smartphone setup and integration with existing services. Consult on user specific needs to determine best mobile options.

Instrumentation: Maintain computerized instrumentation. Create backup images of devices once vender setup is complete. Act as liaison to vender for software and hardware updates. Solve data transfer issues.

Cross Institution Connections: Implementation of technical compatibility (hardware, software and protocols) when a client has a need or requirement to interact electronically with other institutions or organizations (e.g., the Broad, the Whitehead, Howard Hughes, Harvard Medical School).

Server Division

Email: Full e-mail services for custom domains with the following features; secure webmail access, secure POP and IMAP access through the Partners firewall, authenticated SMTP, virus and spam scanning, and flexible quotas and attachment size limits.

File Transfer Services: Authenticated and anonymous FTP access, private web download pages and SFTP.

File Storage/Server: Access for Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Linux based systems with custom quotas available, backed up nightly.

Website Hosting: Unix environment, with support for CGI, PHP and MySQL.

Administrative Computing Support

Provide access to a laboratory personnel tracking system, including automated emails for visa expirations, important status changes and a safety compliance module if desired.

Assist end user with connection to Institution’s administrative/clinical applications (Peoplesoft, Infoed, etc).

For More information about any of the listed services, or to inquire about something not listed, please send an email to: