Computer Services

Computer Services Core
Department of Molecular Biology
Simches Research Center
Boston, MA 02114

Desktop Services: Norm tenBroek
Server Services: Jonathan Delgado

Fax: (617) 726-6137


Molecular Biology Computer Services

The department’s Computer Services team includes a group of specialists who focus on the support of scientific computing for bioinformatics, high-throughput microscopy, and other data intensive applications. This group routinely builds and maintains computer clusters, servers, and data acquisition machines.

The team provides several services in addition to hardware/software/operational support. For example, they handle licensing for commonly used scientific software, such as Matlab and EndNote, that Molecular Biology provides to our labs. This group also includes a web applications specialist who customizes websites and web-based software for the labs (e.g., a plasmid database).

A set of the Computer Services team also provides on-demand support for administrative functions of the Molecular Biology faculty and staff. Among their many functions, team members provide faculty and staff with with computers and software; troubleshoot routine computer and iPhone issues; service projectors and photocopiers/scanners; maintain our email and web servers; and custom-build utilities for personnel and financial tracking.