Joseph Garlick

Kingston Lab

Laboratory Manager

  1. Armache KJ, Garlick JD, Canzio D, Narlikar GJ, Kingston RE. Structural basis of silencing: Sir3 BAH domain in complex with a nucleosome at 3.0 Å resolution. Science 2011 Nov 18; 334(6058):977-82.

  2. Grau DJ, Chapman BA, Garlick JD, Borowsky M, Francis NJ, Kingston RE. Compaction of chromatin by diverse Polycomb group proteins requires localized regions of high charge. Genes Dev. 2011 Oct 15; 25(20):2210-21.

  3. 2010
  4. Goldman JA, Garlick JD, Kingston RE. Chromatin remodeling by imitation switch (ISWI) class ATP-dependent remodelers is stimulated by histone variant H2A.Z. J. Biol. Chem. 2010 Feb 12; 285(7):4645-51.

  5. 2008
  6. He X, Fan HY, Garlick JD, Kingston RE. Diverse regulation of SNF2h chromatin remodeling by noncatalytic subunits. Biochemistry 2008 Jul 8; 47(27):7025-33.

  7. Song JJ, Garlick JD, Kingston RE. Structural basis of histone H4 recognition by p55. Genes Dev. 2008 May 15; 22(10):1313-8.

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