Qi Hall

Sheen Lab

Research Specialist

Department of Molecular Biology
Simches Research Center
185 Cambridge Street, CPZN7250
Boston, MA 02114


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  2. 2008
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  4. 2003
  5. Moore B, Zhou L, Rolland F, Hall Q, Cheng WH, Liu YX, Hwang I, Jones T, Sheen J. Role of the Arabidopsis glucose sensor HXK1 in nutrient, light, and hormonal signaling. Science 2003 Apr 11; 300(5617):332-6.

  6. 2002
  7. Hall Q, Cannon MC. The cell wall hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein RSH is essential for normal embryo development in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 2002 May; 14(5):1161-72.

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