Patrick Schorderet

Kingston Lab

Research Fellow

About Patrick Schorderet

I am a Swiss trained engineer who somehow ended up with a PhD in genetics. I'm devoted to Mac, Canon and Italian espresso. I seem mean but I'm really not, I'm bad at spelling but good at making up (English) words. Scientifically, I am interested in the evolution of regulatory mechanisms. As such, my work focuses on the Hox genes, one of the most well conserved gene families in metazoans. Their peculiar mode of activation, which strictly follows their position along the chromosome, makes these genes an ideal system to study chromosome topology and epigenetic regulation. Moreover, the amazing amount of knowledge we have gained in the regulation of these genes in Drosophila since the landmark studies by Pam and Ed Lewis is a solid basis to approach chromatin organization from an evo-devo perspective. I also love photography and spend most of my free time capturing weddings and portraits. Alternatively, as an excuse to feel healthy, I run, bike and swim. I'm equally bad at all three but I like the way it makes me feel. Finally, I love literature - in which other context can you have such dramatic endings?

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