Toshiro Ohsumi

Molbio Department

Sadreyev Lab

Bioinformatics Scientist

About Toshiro Ohsumi

Toshiro Ohsumi develops fast, memory efficient algorithms for sequencing alignment, ChIP-seq, polymorphism detection, and other data- processing applications for next-generation sequencer data, primarily in C++0x. His current research focus is on developing a C++0x framework for common sequence tasks and develop new algorithms for polymorphism detection and ChIP-Seq binding location prediction. Prior to MGH, Toshiro has worked at the Broad Institute as a computational biologist and Colgate University as an assistant professor of computer science. Toshiro earned a B.A. in mathematics and physics (University of California at Santa Cruz), a M.A. in applied mathematics (University of California at Irvine), and a Ph.D. in computer science (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) on efficiently solving time-dependent partial differential equations in moving domains arising in simulating formation and healing of artificial and natural [biphasic] tissue.

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