Hongjae Sunwoo

Lee Lab

Research Associate

Department of Molecular Biology
Simches Research Center
Boston, MA 02114


About Hongjae Sunwoo

During my PhD study with Dr. David Spector at Cold Spring Harbor Lab, I became fascinated by long non-coding RNAs (ncRNA) and characterized Men epsilon/beta as structural elements of nuclear paraspeckles. For postdoctoral work, I am turning my attention to two of the most famous ncRNAs, Xist and Tsix of the X-inactivation pathway. Here in the Lee lab, I will study how these and other long ncRNAs are involved in epigenetic regulation.

  1. Mao YS, Sunwoo H, Zhang B, Spector DL. Direct visualization of the co-transcriptional assembly of a nuclear body by noncoding RNAs. Nat. Cell Biol. 2011 Jan; 13(1):95-101.

  2. 2009
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  4. Sunwoo H, Dinger ME, Wilusz JE, Amaral PP, Mattick JS, Spector DL. MEN epsilon/beta nuclear-retained non-coding RNAs are up-regulated upon muscle differentiation and are essential components of paraspeckles. Genome Res. 2009 Mar; 19(3):347-59.

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