Lab Alumni

Research Fellows and Associates
Name Dates Current Position
Vladislava Chalei 2014-2018 Consultant
Christopher Davis 2017-2018 Postdoctoral Fellow
Daniel Grau 2012-2016
Mei Sheng Lau 2016-2016 Postdoc
Patrick Schorderet 2013-2016
Sarah Bowman 2008-2015 Staff Scientist, Research and Development
April Cook 2014-2015 Research Fellow
Sharmistha Kundu 2011-2015 Senior Scientist
Britta Mueller 2009-2015 Investigator
Ajaz UL Wani 2013-2015 Faculty
Karim Bouazoune 2004-2013 Instructor at Philipps-Universität Marburg
Jason West 2009-2013
Matthew Simon 2006-2012 Assistant Professor at Yale University
Caroline Woo 2003-2012 Scientist at RANA Therapeutics
Nelson Lau 2004-2010 Assistant Professor at Brandeis University
Jerome Dejardin 2004-2009 Assistant Professor at INSERM
Jonathan Dennis 2001-2009 Assistant Professor at Florida State University
Anne Hutchins 2004-2009 Scientist at Health Services, NC
Rebecca Dunn 2002-2008 Adjunct Assistant Professor at Boston College
Zhaoqing Zhang 2003-2008 President at ZBiological Consultants
Hua-Ying Fan 2000-2006 Assistant Professor at U. Penn
Anita Seto 2003-2006 Research Scientist at miRagen Therapeutics
Nicole Francis 1999-2005 Associate Professor at Harvard University
Angus Henderson 2002-2005 Principal Manager at Global CCS Institute
Maria Giner-Pascual-Ahuir 2001-2004 Valencia, Spain
Marc Lavigne 2000-2004 Researcher IP at Laboratoire Joliot Curie
Niveen Mulholland 2000-2003 Project Director at Fisher BioSciences
Geeta Narlikar 1998-2003 Associate Professor at UCSF
Andrew Saurin 1999-2002 Researcher at Institut de Biologie du Développement
Kyu-Min Lee 1999-2001 Attorney at Kim & Chang
Masako Tanabe 1999-2001 Unknown
Michael Phelan 1996-2000 Senior Scientist at NuGEN
Zhaohui Shao 1996-2000 Scientist at Biogen Inc.
Said Sif 1995-2000 Associate Professor at OSU
Alona Weiss 1997-2000 Research Analyst at IHCV
Gavin Schnitzler 1994-1999 Assistant Professor at Tufts University
Marie Green 1992-1996 Executive Director at Constellation Pharmaceutical
Anthony Imbalzano 1991-1996 Professor at UMASS Medical School
Ursula Knauf 1993-1996 Scientist at Bayer Inc.
Jaya Yodh 1993-1996 Research Assistant Professor at U of I
Jennifer Hu 1989-1993 Director of Licensing & External Research at Merck & Co.
Lynn Sheldon 1990-1993 Professor of Physiology at Dartmouth
Gregory Gallo 1988-1991 Director of Technology Licensing at UCONN
Jerry Workman 1988-1991 Investigator at Stowers Institute
Rima Kaddurah-Daou 1985-1988 Faculty at Duke University
William Solomon 1985-1987 Professor of Medicine at SUNY Downstate
Florian Wurm 1985-1986 Professor at LBTC
Graduate students
Name Dates Current Position
Jesse Engreitz 2016-2017
Jose Manuel Antão 2003-2012 Portugal
Joseph Goldman 2010-2011 Postdoctoral Fellow at Duke University
Andrew Koh 2005-2009 Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University
Xi He 2000-2008 Consultant at HUYA Bioscience International
Ian King 1998-2004 Postdoctoral Fellow at UNC
Stuart Levine 1998-2004 Director Bio Micro Center at MIT
Laura Corey 1996-2002 Assistant Professor at Illinois College
Jeff Aals 1993-2001 Home Energy Consultant
Jeffrey Guyon 1995-2001 Research Geneticist at NOAA Alaska
Kelly Sullivan 1993-2001 Scientist at Millenium Pharmaceuticals
Jeff Larson 1994-1998 Scientist at Exelixis
Steve Brown 1989-1997 Professor at University of Zurich
Ophelia Papoulas 1993-1997 PI at University of Texas at Austin
Holly Prentice 1993-1997 Associate Director at Momenta Pharma
Kirstie Saltsman 1989-1997 Freelance Science Writer at NIH
Elizabeth Newton 1991-1996 Unknown
Thomas Schuetz 1992-1996 Director at Enobia Pharmaceuticals
Christopher Bunker 1988-1995 Senior Director in Business at ACD
Ian Taylor 1991-1994 Vice President of Cancer Biology at Bayer
John Greene 1989-1993 Director of Bioinformatics at SRA