Hung Lab

Deborah Hung, M.D./Ph.D.

Department of Molecular Biology
Simches Research Center
Boston, MA 02114

Phone: (617) 726-3117
Fax: (617) 726-6893

Hung Lab Members

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Nirmalya Bandyopadhyay photo

Nirmalya Bandyopadhyay
Computational Biologist
Zohar Bloom-Ackermann photo

Zohar Bloom-Ackermann
Research Fellow
Catherine Choi photo

Catherine Choi
Research Technician
Nicole Chumbler photo

Nicole Chumbler
Research Fellow
Anne Clatworthy photo

Anne Clatworthy
Assistant in Molecular Biology
Christoph Ernst photo

Christoph Ernst
Research Fellow
Jeffrey Gaulin photo

Jeffrey Gaulin
Research Associate Broad
Annaliese Getz photo

Annaliese Getz
Emily Goering photo

Emily Goering
Graduat Student- HMS
James Gomez photo

James Gomez
Staff Scientist
Lorrie He photo

Lorrie He
Diana Hunt photo

Diana Hunt
Senior Research Scientist
Abris Jeney photo

Abris Jeney
Medical Student
Marissa Jenko photo

Marissa Jenko
Administrative/Grant Coordinator
Eachan Johnson photo

Eachan Johnson
Research Fellow
Bwarenaba Kautu photo

Bwarenaba Kautu
Research Scientist at Broad
Tomohiko Kawate photo

Tomohiko Kawate
Research Staff
Allison Lemmer photo

Allison Lemmer
Research Tech at Broad
Li Li photo

Li Li
Sr. Research Technologist
Peijun Ma photo

Peijun Ma
Research Fellow
Donavan Neo photo

Donavan Neo
HMS PHD Student
Phuong Nguyen photo

Phuong Nguyen
Research Tech at Broad/MGH
Marek Orzechowski photo

Marek Orzechowski
Margarita Parada Kusz photo

Margarita Parada Kusz
Research Fellow
Cristina Penaranda photo

Cristina Penaranda
Research Fellow
Keith Romano photo

Keith Romano
Research Fellow
Sebastian Rowe photo

Sebastian Rowe
HMS Rotating Grad Student
Alexander Sturm photo

Alexander Sturm
Research Fellow
Gowtham Thakku photo

Gowtham Thakku
Graduate Student
Victoria Tran photo

Victoria Tran
Research Tech at Broad
Thulasi Warrier photo

Thulasi Warrier
Research Scientist
Sharon Wong photo

Sharon Wong
Associate Director, Tuberculosis Operations
Shuting Zhang photo

Shuting Zhang
Research Fellow

Past Members

Click on a member's name or photo to see their profile and publications

John AquadroStaff/Research
Roi Avraham-AtzilResearch Fellow
Amy BarczakCollaborator
Viktoria BetinStaff/Research
Roby BhattacharyyaOther MGH Appointment
Julian BraxtonUndergraduate Student
Douglas BrownStaff/Research
Nikhilesh ChandGraduate Student
Senya CombsStaff/Research
Lisa CosimiCollaborator
Shalise CouvertierResearch Fellow
Kaelyn CumminsStaff/Research
Jonathan EdelsteinStaff/Research
Elizabeth ErlerUndergraduate Student
Amy FanStaff/Research
Paige ForesterUndergraduate Student
Imran GhareStaff/Research
Bella GomezStaff/Research
Nataliya GorbachukHMS-MIT Graduate Student (PHD)
Katherine GordonStaff/Research
Sarah GrantResearch Fellow
Nathan HaseleyGraduate Student
Erik HettCollaborator
Ella HinsonResearch Fellow
Elijah HongGraduate Student
Noriaki IwaseGraduate Student
Benjamin KaufmannResearch Fellow
Edward KazyanskayaResearch Fellow
Sofia KennedyUndergraduate Student
Peter KimStaff/Research
Admire KuchenaStaff/Research
Hannah LaibinisHigh School Student
Christina LalaniHMS-MIT Graduate Student (PHD)
Alyssa Larson
Jenny LeeStaff/Research
Katie LeeStaff/Research
Mark LeibmanResearch Fellow
Kathryn LevasseurGraduate Student
Chieh (Jamin) LiuStaff/Research
Samantha LuoStaff/Research
Sarah MadoffStaff/Research
Kevin MarkStaff/Research
Monica MarkovskiUndergraduate Student
Megan McCurryRotating Graduate Student
Elisabeth MeyerStaff/Research
Paz MeyersHigh School Student
David MirandaGraduate Student
Jacob MuscatoGraduate Student
Emma OfficeStaff/Research
Daniel OhStaff/Research
Sarah OsmulskiUndergraduate Student
Deepa PatelResearch Fellow
Milesh PatelStaff/Research
Kyle PerryGraduate Student
Emily PiersonStaff/Research
Jenna PortStaff/Research
Brad PoulsenResearch Fellow
Madeline PriebeHigh School Student
Oliver PriebeGraduate Student
Harishitaa PrithivirajUndergraduate Student
Nikolai RenedoStaff/Research
Danielle Corriveau Reny
Carlos Rodríguez-OsorioResearch Fellow
Robert RudyStaff/Research
Alex SarovschiiStaff/Research
Pratik ShahResearch Fellow
Motohisa ShimizuHMS-MIT Graduate Student (PHD)
Michael SilversteinGraduate Student
Michael SilvestriGraduate Student
Melanie SilvisGraduate Student
Tyler SisleyRotating Graduate Student
Louise SlaterGraduate Student
Elesha SmithStaff/Admin
Roger SmithResearch Fellow
Sophie SonStaff/Research
Sarah StanleyResearch Fellow
Jordan StewartGraduate Student
Laura StrittmatterGraduate Student
Penny SunStaff/Research
Alvin TamAffiliate
Ved TanavdeStaff/Research
Yajie WangResearch Fellow
Samantha WellingtonHMS-MIT Graduate Student (PHD)
TianTian White-ZhouStaff/Research
Carl WivaggGraduate Student
Jessica WuUndergraduate Student
Lidan WuResearch Fellow
Dianne XiaoGraduate Student
Desiree YangGraduate Student
Anna ZagieboyloStaff/Research
Xuezhi ZhangResearch Fellow
Erica ZhengHMS-MIT Graduate Student (PHD)

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