Kingston Lab

Robert Kingston, Ph.D.

Department of Molecular Biology
Simches Research Center
Boston, MA 02114

Phone: (617) 726-5990
Fax: (617) 726-2119

Kingston Lab Members

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Jesse Cochrane photo

Jesse Cochrane
Research Associate
Manashree Damle photo

Manashree Damle
Bioinformatics Specialist II
Fu-Kai Hsieh photo

Fu-Kai Hsieh
Research Fellow
Elizabeth Jaensch photo

Elizabeth Jaensch
Research Fellow
Jongmin Kim photo

Jongmin Kim
Research Fellow
Mattia Lion photo

Mattia Lion
Research Fellow
Sharon Marr photo

Sharon Marr
Lab Manager
MacKenzie Mauger photo

MacKenzie Mauger
HMS Grad Student
Ethan McCaslin photo

Ethan McCaslin
Research Technician II
Sara Miller photo

Sara Miller
Research Associate
Stefan Niekamp photo

Stefan Niekamp
Research Fellow
Theresa Oei photo

Theresa Oei
Graduate Student
Melanie Ransom photo

Melanie Ransom
Assistant to the Chief
Wojciech Siwek photo

Wojciech Siwek
Research Fellow
Emma Steinson photo

Emma Steinson
Research Technician II
Christos Tsokos photo

Christos Tsokos
Resident Fellow
Jinjin Zhu photo

Jinjin Zhu
Research Fellow

Past Members

Click on a member's name or photo to see their profile and publications

Jeff AalsGraduate Student
Jose Manuel AntãoGraduate Student
Karim-Jean ArmacheResearch Fellow
Inwha BaekRotating Graduate Student
Allison BakerRotating Graduate Student
Karim BouazouneResearch Fellow
Sarah BowmanResearch Fellow
Steve BrownGraduate Student
Christopher BunkerGraduate Student
Vladislava ChaleiResearch Fellow
April CookResearch Fellow
Laura CoreyResearch Fellow
Christopher DavisResearch Fellow
Aimee DeatonResearch Fellow
Jerome DejardinResearch Fellow
Athena DelgadoHigh School Student
Jonathan DennisResearch Fellow
Rebecca DunnResearch Fellow
Jesse EngreitzGraduate Student
Hua-Ying FanResearch Fellow
Nicole FrancisResearch Fellow
Gregory GalloResearch Fellow
Joseph GarlickStaff/Research
Maria Giner-Pascual-AhuirResearch Fellow
Joseph GoldmanResearch Fellow
Daniel GrauResearch Fellow
Marie GreenResearch Fellow
John GreeneGraduate Student
Jeffrey GuyonGraduate Student
Xi HeGraduate Student
Angus HendersonResearch Fellow
Jennifer HuResearch Fellow
Anne HutchinsResearch Fellow
Anthony ImbalzanoResearch Fellow
Rima Kaddurah-DaouResearch Fellow
Ian KingGraduate Student
Ursula KnaufResearch Fellow
Andrew KohGraduate Student
Kalki KukrejaRotating Graduate Student
Sharmistha KunduAssistant in Molecular Biology
Jeff LarsonGraduate Student
Mei Sheng LauResearch Fellow
Nelson LauResearch Fellow
Marc LavigneVisiting Fellow
Jonathan LeeRotating Graduate Student
Kyu-Min LeeResearch Fellow
Stuart LevineGraduate Student
David MiglAffiliate
Mohammad Behfar Mohseni ArdehaliResearch Fellow
Britta MuellerResearch Fellow
Niveen MulhollandResearch Fellow
Geeta NarlikarResearch Fellow
Elizabeth NewtonGraduate Student
Julia PageRotating Graduate Student
Ophelia PapoulasGraduate Student
Michael PhelanResearch Fellow
Aaron PlysResearch Fellow
Holly PrenticeGraduate Student
Mridula RayResearch Fellow
Kirstie SaltsmanGraduate Student
Andrew SaurinResearch Fellow
Gavin SchnitzlerResearch Fellow
Patrick SchorderetResearch Fellow
Thomas SchuetzGraduate Student
Anita SetoResearch Fellow
Zhaohui ShaoResearch Fellow
Lynn SheldonResearch Fellow
Said SifResearch Fellow
Matthew SimonResearch Fellow
William SolomonResearch Fellow
Ji-Joon SongVisiting Scientist
Chad SteinRotating Graduate Student
Kelly SullivanGraduate Student
Masako TanabeResearch Fellow
Ian TaylorGraduate Student
Iva TchasovnikarovaResearch Fellow
Ajaz UL WaniResearch Fellow
Alona WeissResearch Fellow
Jason WestResearch Fellow
Caroline WooResearch Fellow
Jerry WorkmanResearch Fellow
Florian WurmResearch Fellow
Ozlem YildirimResearch Fellow
Jaya YodhResearch Fellow
Zhaoqing ZhangResearch Fellow

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