Lee Lab

Jeannie Lee, M.D./Ph.D.

Department of Molecular Biology
Simches Research Center
Boston, MA 02114

Phone: (617) 726-5943
Fax: (617) 726-6893

Lee Lab Members

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Roy Blum photo

Roy Blum
Bioinformatics Specialist II
Bojan Bujisic photo

Bojan Bujisic
Research Fellow
Christine Caruso photo

Christine Caruso
Program Coordinator
Ashley Duke photo

Ashley Duke
Rotating Grad Student- HMS
Niklas-Benedikt Grimm photo

Niklas-Benedikt Grimm
Graduate Student
Lu Han photo

Lu Han
Research Fellow
Yesu Jeon photo

Yesu Jeon
Assistant in Molecular Biology
Barry Kesner photo

Barry Kesner
Bioinformatics Scientist
Elizabeth Kraeutler photo

Elizabeth Kraeutler
Research Technician
Andrea Kriz photo

Andrea Kriz
Graduate Student
Anna Lappala photo

Anna Lappala
Assistant in Molecular Biology
Vered Levy photo

Vered Levy
Laboratory Manager
Ekaterina Nizovtseva photo

Ekaterina Nizovtseva
Research Fellow
Hyunjung Oh photo

Hyunjung Oh
Research Associate
William Press photo

William Press
Research Staff
Carlos Rivera Alvarez photo

Carlos Rivera Alvarez
Research Fellow
Nicolas Simonet Dominguez photo

Nicolas Simonet Dominguez
Research Fellow
Yuka Takeuchi photo

Yuka Takeuchi
Research Associate
Kevin Tan photo

Kevin Tan
Research Lab Assistant
Danni Wang photo

Danni Wang
Research Fellow
Chunyao Wei photo

Chunyao Wei
Research Fellow
Uri Weissbein photo

Uri Weissbein
Research Fellow
Yi Xia photo

Yi Xia
Research Fellow
Hao Yin photo

Hao Yin
Research Fellow
Antonino Zito photo

Antonino Zito
Research Fellow

Past Members

Click on a member's name or photo to see their profile and publications

Eric AebyResearch Fellow
Rodrigo Aguilar MaureiraResearch Fellow
Janice AhnHMS-MIT Graduate Student (PHD)
Jee Young AnResearch Fellow
Montserrat AngueraResearch Fellow
Cara BertozziResearch Fellow
Rebecca BoumilResearch Fellow
Lieselot CarretteResearch Fellow
Wendy ChaoHMS-MIT Graduate Student (PHD)
Hsueh-Ping ChuResearch Fellow
Catherine Cifuentes-RojasAssistant in Molecular Biology
Danielle CliftGraduate Student
Dena CohenHMS-MIT Graduate Student (PHD)
David ColognoriResearch Fellow
Jason ConatyResearch Fellow
Lance DavidowStaff/Research
Brian Del RosarioResearch Associate
Thomas DialHMS-MIT Graduate Student (PHD)
Mary DonohoeResearch Fellow
Jennifer ErwinGraduate Student
John FrobergHMS-MIT Graduate Student (PHD)
Yoshiro FukueResearch Fellow
Charlotte HauserResearch Fellow
Khanh HuynhAssistant in Molecular Biology
Katie HwangRotating Graduate Student
Teddy JeguResearch Fellow
Daniel KimResearch Fellow
Johnny KungResearch Fellow
Elisabeth LarsenResearch Fellow
Winston LeeCollaborator
Derek LessingStaff/Research
Shiwei LiuRotating Graduate Student
Max LohseHigh School Student
Jane LopilatoVisiting Scientist
David LoweRotating Graduate Student
Verena MaierResearch Fellow
Maud MaillautGraduate Student
Hadar MalcaResearch Fellow
Shila MekhoubadGraduate Student
Montserrat MichelmanStaff/Research
Anand MinajigiResearch Fellow
Adam NagyStaff/Research
Satoshi NamekawaResearch Fellow
Leisha NolenResearch Fellow
Yuya OgawaAssistant in Molecular Biology
Rune OuglandGraduate Student
Bernhard PayerResearch Fellow
Nancy PeaseStaff/Admin
Sadie PiattRotating Graduate Student
Stefan PinterResearch Fellow
Dagmar PommereitResearch Fellow
Nicholas RamirezHMS-MIT Graduate Student (PHD)
William ReillyGraduate Student
Michael RosenbergResearch Associate
Rebecca RowntreeResearch Fellow
Arneet SaltzmanResearch Fellow
Abby SarkarRotating Graduate Student
Kavitha SarmaResearch Fellow
Shinwa ShibataResearch Fellow
Susana SilvaGraduate Student
Mark SooStaff/Research
Rebecca SpencerGraduate Student
Nicholas StavropoulosResearch Fellow
Bryan SunGraduate Student
Sha SunResearch Fellow
Hongjae SunwooResearch Associate
Attila SzantoResearch Associate
Di TianStaff/Research
Sylvia VongGraduate Student
Chen-Yu WangResearch Fellow
David WarshawskyResearch Fellow
Na XuGraduate Student
Lin YangHMS-MIT Graduate Student (PHD)
Eda YildirimResearch Fellow
Lifeng ZhangResearch Fellow
Jing ZhaoResearch Fellow
Athanasios ZovoilisResearch Fellow

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