Mootha Lab

Vamsi Mootha, M.D.

Department of Molecular Biology
Simches Research Center
Boston, MA 02114

Please contact: Bryanna Vacanti

Phone: (617) 643-3059
Fax: (617) 643-2335

Mootha Lab Members

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Tslil Ast photo

Tslil Ast
Research Fellow
Sarah Calvo photo

Sarah Calvo
Assistant In Medicine
Alejandro Cuadros photo

Alejandro Cuadros
Research Tech
Olga Goldberger photo

Olga Goldberger
Lab Manager
Russell Goodman photo

Russell Goodman
Research Fellow
Raj Gopal photo

Raj Gopal
Research Fellow
Zenon Grabarek photo

Zenon Grabarek
Assistant in Molecular Biology
Rahul Gupta photo

Rahul Gupta
Graduate Student
Alexis Jourdain photo

Alexis Jourdain
Research Fellow
Kimberli Kamer photo

Kimberli Kamer
Research Fellow
Sharon Kim photo

Sharon Kim
Rotating Graduate Student
Stephanie Lam photo

Stephanie Lam
Research Fellow
Andrew Markhard photo

Andrew Markhard
Laboratory Technician
Joshua Meisel photo

Joshua Meisel
Research Fellow
Eran Mick photo

Eran Mick
Research Fellow
Anupam Patgiri photo

Anupam Patgiri
Research Fellow
Sneha Rath photo

Sneha Rath
Research Fellow
Bryn Reinstadler photo

Bryn Reinstadler
Computational Data Scientist
Hardik Shah photo

Hardik Shah
Research Specialist
Rohit Sharma photo

Rohit Sharma
Assistant in Research
Hongying Shen photo

Hongying Shen
Assistant in Molecular Biology
Owen Skinner photo

Owen Skinner
Research Fellow
Tsz-Leung To photo

Tsz-Leung To
Staff Researcher Broad
Bryanna Vacanti photo

Bryanna Vacanti
Grant Administrator
Melissa Walker photo

Melissa Walker
Research Fellow
Hong Wang photo

Hong Wang
Research Staff at Broad
Patrick Ward photo

Patrick Ward
Research Fellow

Past Members

Click on a member's name or photo to see their profile and publications

Matthew AltmanGraduate Student
Daniel ArlowUndergraduate Student
Jason ArroyoStaff/Research
Mykyta ArtomovRotating Graduate Student
Carmine BallaranoStaff/Research
Xiaoyan Robert BaoResearch Fellow
Joshua BaughmanResearch Fellow
Casey Belcher-TimmeClient Lab Member
Alexander BickGraduate Student
Marjan BolouriUndergraduate Student
Sarah ChangRotating Graduate Student
William ChenUndergraduate Student
Ohn ChowStaff/Research
Rachel CohenStaff/Admin
Valentin CracanAssistant in Molecular Biology
Nigel DelaneyResearch Fellow
Joseph DexterGraduate Student
Daniel FlickerGraduate Student
Yevgenia FominaSummer Student
Tamara GilbertStaff/Research
Hany GirgisClient Lab Member
Vishal GohilResearch Fellow
Nina GoldGraduate Student
Rahul GoliGraduate Student
Steven HershmanGraduate Student
Kathleen HigginsStaff/Research
Isha JainResearch Fellow
Mohit JainResearch Fellow
Toshimori KitamiResearch Fellow
Sara KomorowskiStaff/Admin
Erika Kovacs-BogdanResearch Fellow
Andrew LiGraduate Student
Yang LiStaff/Research
Daniel LieberGraduate Student
Shangtao LiuStaff/Admin
Maureen LuceyStaff/Admin
Nikhil MadhusudhanStaff/Research
Kausalya MahadevanUndergraduate Student
Sandra MooreStaff/Admin
Rida MourtadaGraduate Student
Nathan NakatsukaRotating Graduate Student
Roland NilssonResearch Fellow
David PagliariniResearch Fellow
Jun PengStaff/Research
Fabiana PerocchiClient Lab Member
Molly PlovanichGraduate Student
Heta RayGraduate Student
Daniel RubinRotating Graduate Student
Daniel RuttenbergSummer Student
Yasemin SancakResearch Associate
Oded ShahamGraduate Student
Sunil ShethGraduate Student
Smita SihagStaff/Research
Tom SilverClient Lab Member
Layla SirajRotating Graduate Student
Nancy SlateStaff/Research
Laura StrittmatterGraduate Student
Tessa StruhlSummer Student
Vinaik SundaresanSummer Student
Yevgenia TesmenitskyStaff/Research
Denis TitovResearch Fellow
Geoff WalfordResearch Fellow
Mike WeiResearch Fellow
Ashley WolfGraduate Student
Michelle YuGraduate Student
Kolea ZimmermanGraduate Student

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