Ruvkun Lab

Gary Ruvkun, Ph.D.

Department of Molecular Biology
Simches Research Center
Boston, MA 02114

Phone: (617) 726-5959
Fax: (617) 726-5973

Ruvkun Lab Members

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Maria Armakola photo

Maria Armakola
Research Fellow
Srinivasa Bhattaru photo

Srinivasa Bhattaru
Rotating Graduate Student
Jonathan Borowsky photo

Jonathan Borowsky
Peter Breen photo

Peter Breen
Research Technologist
Noelle Bryan photo

Noelle Bryan
MIT-Research Fellow
Christopher Carr photo

Christopher Carr
Research Scientist
Delson FariaDasilva photo

Delson FariaDasilva
Undergraduate Summer Student
Sylvia Fischer photo

Sylvia Fischer
Assistant in Molecular Biology
Jothi Govindan photo

Jothi Govindan
Research Associate
Elamparithi Jayamani photo

Elamparithi Jayamani
Research Fellow
Marina Kniazeva photo

Marina Kniazeva
Assistant In Molecular Biology
Nicolas Lehrbach photo

Nicolas Lehrbach
Assistant in Molecular Biology
Kai Mao photo

Kai Mao
Research Fellow
Joshua Meisel photo

Joshua Meisel
Research Fellow
Alexandra Pontefract photo

Alexandra Pontefract
Postdoctoral Associate
Kendall Saboda photo

Kendall Saboda
Research Assistant
Diane Sacchetti photo

Diane Sacchetti
Administrative/Grant Coordinator
Kurt Warnhoff photo

Kurt Warnhoff
Research Fellow
Wei Wei photo

Wei Wei
Research Fellow

Past Members

Click on a member's name or photo to see their profile and publications

Matthew Aber
James AndersonGraduate Student
Prema ArasuResearch Fellow
Kaveh AshrafiResearch Fellow
Joseph BakerGraduate Student
Joshua BaughmanRotating Graduate Student
Ralf BaumeisterResearch Fellow
Kara BirkenmayerStaff/Research
Madeline BurgoyneUndergraduate Student
Maurice ButlerResearch Fellow
Thomas BürglinResearch Fellow
Jacob CarlsonResearch Fellow
Francesca ChangStaff/Research
Annie ConeryStaff/Research
Sean CurranResearch Fellow
Nabanita DeStaff/Research
Robert DowenResearch Fellow
Joshua ElkingtonUndergraduate Student
Ilya FeoktistovStaff/Research
Jane FessendenUndergraduate Student
Michael FinneyStaff/Research
Alison FrandResearch Fellow
Harrison GabelGraduate Student
Susana GarciaResearch Associate
Shoshanna GottliebResearch Fellow
David GreensteinResearch Fellow
Ilho HaResearch Fellow
Julie HacheyStaff/Research
Gabriel HayesCollaborator
Oliver HobertResearch Fellow
Garrett HouseGraduate Student
Thomas HowardGraduate Student
Patrick HuResearch Fellow
Julie HuangResearch Fellow
Alexia Hwang Graduate Student
Thomas IsenbargerResearch Fellow
Sarah JohnsonCollaborator
Robert JohnstonResearch Fellow
Snjezana JoksimovicStaff/Research
Paul JorgensenResearch Fellow
Elizabeth KaneGraduate Student
Scott KennedyResearch Fellow
John KimResearch Fellow
Koutarou KimuraResearch Fellow
Natalia KirienkoAssistant in Molecular Biology
Melissa KornspanUndergraduate Student
Allison KoweekGraduate Student
Jonah Larkins-FordStaff/Research
Raymond LeeResearch Fellow
Siu LeeResearch Fellow
Weiqing LiResearch Fellow
Ying LiuResearch Fellow
Guinevere Lourenco de Souza LimaStaff/Research
Clarissa LuiResearch Fellow
HoYi MakResearch Fellow
Kimberly McManusUndergraduate Student
Justine MeloResearch Fellow
Angel MojarroStaff/Research
Taiowa MontgomeryResearch Fellow
Jason MorrisGraduate Student
Martin NewmanResearch Fellow
Eyleen O'RourkeCollaborator
Scott OggResearch Fellow
Nancy OuyangGraduate Student
Qi PanResearch Fellow
Suzanne ParadisGraduate Student
Devin ParryResearch Fellow
Amy PasquinelliResearch Fellow
Garth PattersonResearch Fellow
Carolyn PhillipsResearch Fellow
Sarah PierceResearch Fellow
Haley PleskowUndergraduate Student
Arnav PrasadSummer Student
Yan QiResearch Fellow
Brenda ReinhartResearch Fellow
Christian RiedelResearch Fellow
Young-Soo RimGraduate Student
Holli RowedderStaff/Research
Sascha RusselGraduate Student
Ilya RuvinskyResearch Fellow
Buck SamuelResearch Fellow
Andrew SamuelsonResearch Fellow
Gisela SandovalGraduate Student
Jessica SandovalUndergraduate Student
Constantin SchneiderUndergraduate Student
Videh SeksariaUndergraduate Student
Zhen ShiGraduate Student
David ShoreGraduate Student
Frank SlackResearch Fellow
Ann SluderResearch Fellow
Alexander SmithUndergraduate Student
Carson SmithUndergraduate Student
Matthew SooknahUndergraduate Student
Alexander Staller Staff/Research
Abraham SturleySummer Student
Jack SuenStaff/Research
Ji Ying SzeResearch Fellow
Yuval TabachAssistant in Molecular Biology
Jacopo TaniStaff/Research
Tian TianGraduate Student
Heidi TissenbaumGraduate Student
Stanislav TsitkovSummer Student
Thomas TulliusRotating Graduate Student
Tamanna UrmiUndergraduate Student
Cyrus VafadariUndergraduate Student
Duo WangGraduate Student
Meng WangResearch Fellow
Richard WattsUndergraduate Student
Matthew WebberGraduate Student
Bruce WightmanGraduate Student
Catherine WolkowResearch Fellow
Xiaoyun WuResearch Fellow
Jinling XuStaff/Research
Li XueStaff/Research
Keren Yacoby Staff/Research
Michelle YuStaff/Research
Chi ZhangAssistant in Molecular Biology
Xinrui ZhangStaff/Research
Jeffrey ZhouSummer Student
Ting ZhuResearch Fellow

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