Sheen Lab

Jen Sheen, Ph.D.

Department of Molecular Biology
Simches Research Center
Boston, MA 02114

Phone: (617) 726-5916
Fax: (617) 726-6893

Sheen Lab Members

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Jenifer Bush photo

Jenifer Bush
Hsing-Yi Cho photo

Hsing-Yi Cho
Research Fellow
Hoo Sun Chung photo

Hoo Sun Chung
Assistant in Molecular Biology
Andrew Diener photo

Andrew Diener
Assistant in Molecular Biology
Qi Hall photo

Qi Hall
Research Specialist
Wenzhi Jiang photo

Wenzhi Jiang
Research Associate
Lei Li photo

Lei Li
Assistant in Molecular Biology
Pauline Lim photo

Pauline Lim
Administrative/Grant Coordinator
Kun-Hsiang Liu photo

Kun-Hsiang Liu
Assistant in Molecular Biology
Matthew McCormack photo

Matthew McCormack
Research Scientist
Julia Plotnikov photo

Julia Plotnikov
Assistant In Molecular Biology
Jinwoo Shin photo

Jinwoo Shin
Research Fellow
Ruiqiang Ye photo

Ruiqiang Ye
Research Associate

Past Members

Click on a member's name or photo to see their profile and publications

Juan AlamosCollaborator
Tsuneaki AsaiAssistant in Molecular Biology
Elena Baena-GonzalezResearch Fellow
Marie BoudsocqResearch Fellow
Brian BusserResearch Fellow
Yi CaiResearch Fellow
Ok Kyung ChaCollaborator
Huei-Chi ChenResearch Fellow
Tsung-Chi ChenResearch Fellow
Shu-Hua ChengResearch Fellow
Wan-Hsing ChengResearch Fellow
Wan-Ling ChiuResearch Fellow
Young-Hee ChoResearch Fellow
Yenhsu ChuResearch Fellow
Julie CrockerStaff/Research
Goncalo de Souza FilhoVisiting Faculty
Jian DingVisiting Scientist
Emily DonaldsonUndergraduate Student
Hao DuResearch Fellow
Yuanwei FanResearch Fellow
Fernan FedericiCollaborator
Jianjun GuoResearch Fellow
Jonathan HallUndergraduate Student
Louis-Philippe HamelResearch Fellow
Ping HeResearch Fellow
Hai HuangResearch Fellow
Ildoo HwangResearch Fellow
Son-Bin HwangResearch Fellow
Jyan-chun JangResearch Fellow
Tamara JonesResearch Fellow
Judith KayeGraduate Student
Joonyup KimResearch Fellow
Yelena KovtunResearch Fellow
Erh-Min LaiVisiting Faculty
Bernard LamResearch Fellow
Horim LeeCollaborator
Patricia LeonResearch Fellow
Jianfeng LiResearch Fellow
Li LiAssistant in Molecular Biology
Yanxia LiuStaff/Research
Li-Jun MaVisiting Scientist
Satoru MitaVisiting Scientist
Brandon MooreResearch Fellow
Bruno MuellerResearch Fellow
John NishioVisiting Fellow
Yajie NiuStaff/Research
Yasuo NiwaResearch Fellow
Osric PatharkarResearch Fellow
Maria Philippi PradoCollaborator
Matthew RamonResearch Fellow
Senthil RamuResearch Fellow
Adam RiesselmanGraduate Student
Shan RikuGraduate Student
Filip RollandResearch Fellow
Julian RubinfienHigh School Student
Ho Jin RyuResearch Fellow
Stephen RyuVisiting Fellow
Tony SchaeffnerResearch Fellow
Libo ShanResearch Fellow
Lin ShiResearch Fellow
Xiu-Fen SongVisiting Scientist
Miguel SuasteguiCollaborator
Guillaume TenaAssistant in Molecular Biology
Kin-In ToResearch Fellow
Fiona TsaiHigh School Student
Helen WangResearch Fellow
Yiqun WangGraduate Student
Matthew WillmannGraduate Student
Yue WuResearch Fellow
Yan XiongAssistant in Molecular Biology
Tongda XuVisiting Scientist
Zhengyi XuResearch Fellow
Shuichi YanagisawaResearch Fellow
Sang-Dong YooCollaborator
Dandan ZhangStaff/Research
Yihe ZhangUndergraduate Student

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