Szostak Lab

Jack Szostak, Ph.D.

Department of Molecular Biology
Simches Research Center
Boston, MA 02114

Phone: (617) 643-7581
Fax: (617) 726-6893

Szostak Lab Members

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Daniel Duzdevich photo

Daniel Duzdevich
Research Fellow
Constantin Giurgiu photo

Constantin Giurgiu
Graduate Student
Tanush Jagdish photo

Tanush Jagdish
Rotating Graduate Student HMS
Lin Jin photo

Lin Jin
Research Fellow
Seohyun (Chris) Kim photo

Seohyun (Chris) Kim
Graduate Student
Victor Lelyveld photo

Victor Lelyveld
Research Fellow
Li Li photo

Li Li
Research Fellow
Cassidy Madison photo

Cassidy Madison
Graduate Student
Fanny Ng photo

Fanny Ng
Lab Manager
Derek O'Flaherty photo

Derek O'Flaherty
Research Fellow
Lydia Pazienza photo

Lydia Pazienza
Graduate Student
Nabeel Quryshi photo

Nabeel Quryshi
Kyle Strom photo

Kyle Strom
Research Fellow
Travis Walton photo

Travis Walton
Graduate Student
Anna Wang photo

Anna Wang
Research Fellow
Thomas Wright photo

Thomas Wright
Research Fellow
Stephanie Zhang photo

Stephanie Zhang
Graduate Student
Weicheng Zhang photo

Weicheng Zhang
Graduate Student
Wen Zhang photo

Wen Zhang
Research Fellow
Lijun Zhou photo

Lijun Zhou
Research Fellow

Past Members

Click on a member's name or photo to see their profile and publications

Katarzyna AdamalaGraduate Student
Jeremy AgrestiRotating Graduate Student
D. BartelGraduate Student
Anthony BellResearch Fellow
Jeffrey BessenGraduate Student
Samuel BjorkStaff/Research
Anders BjorkbomResearch Fellow
Jonathan BlainGraduate Student
Adam Blaustein RejtoUndergraduate Student
Raphael BrucknerStaff/Research
Itay BudinGraduate Student
Xin CaiGraduate Student
J. CarothersGraduate Student
K. ChapmanResearch Fellow
John ChaputResearch Fellow
Irene ChenGraduate Student
Jingyang ChenResearch Fellow
B. CuenodResearch Fellow
A. DasGraduate Student
J. DavisResearch Fellow
D. DawsonResearch Fellow
J. DoudnaGraduate Student
Quentin DuftonGraduate Student
B. DunnGraduate Student
Deepti DuvvuruResearch Fellow
Mark ElenkoGraduate Student
A. EllingtonResearch Fellow
Aaron EngelhartResearch Fellow
Albert FahrenbachResearch Fellow
M. FamulokResearch Fellow
Shelly FujikawaGraduate Student
Justin GodboutGraduate Student
R. GreenGraduate Student
Yollete Guillen SchlippeResearch Fellow
A. HagerGraduate Student
Martin HanczycResearch Fellow
M. HannaGraduate Student
Kelley HarrisUndergraduate Student
Matthew HartmanResearch Fellow
Christian HentrichResearch Fellow
Benjamin HeubergerResearch Fellow
T. HeuerResearch Fellow
Michael HeymannGraduate Student
Satoru HoriyaVisiting Fellow
Z. HuangResearch Fellow
D. HuizengaGraduate Student
Justin IchidaGraduate Student
Janet IwasaResearch Fellow
Enver Cagri IzguResearch Fellow
Jeanne JacksonStaff/Admin
Tony JiaGraduate Student
Heather JordanStaff/Research
Kristopher JosephsonResearch Fellow
Neha Kamat
A. KeefeResearch Fellow
C. KimResearch Fellow
Mathangi KrishnamurthyResearch Fellow
Richard LadleyRotating Graduate Student
L. LandweberResearch Fellow
Rosa Larralde-RidauraGraduate Student
Aaron LarsenResearch Fellow
C. LauhonResearch Fellow
HanJoo LeeResearch Fellow
Chi-Wang LinResearch Fellow
Alexander LitovchickResearch Fellow
Rihe LiuResearch Fellow
P. LohseResearch Fellow
J. LorschGraduate Student
V. LundbladResearch Fellow
Tania LupoliGraduate Student
Andrej LuptakResearch Fellow
Nathalie MadernResearch Fellow
Sheref MansyStaff/Research
Yale MichaelsUndergraduate Student
Pierre-Alain MonnardResearch Fellow
Christoph Mueller-VahlStaff/Research
Caitlin MurphyStaff/Admin
A. MurrayGraduate Student
A. NicholasResearch Fellow
Mikael NilssonVisiting Fellow
Stephanie OestreichGraduate Student
Seung Soo OhResearch Fellow
Tivoli OlsenTransitioning Researcher
Jennifer OngResearch Fellow
T. Orr-WeaverGraduate Student
U. PaceResearch Fellow
Ayan PalResearch Associate
Abhijit PatelResearch Fellow
Nancy PeaseStaff/Admin
J. PollardGraduate Student
Matthew PownerResearch Fellow
Noam PrywesResearch Fellow
A. ReynoldsResearch Fellow
Alonso RicardoResearch Fellow
R. RobertsResearch Fellow
Elisabetta RonchiRotating Graduate Student
Valeria Rondo-BrovettoGraduate Student
S. RubyGraduate Student
Michael SacerdoteStaff/Research
Kourosh Salehi-AshtianiResearch Fellow
Mui SamResearch Fellow
M. SassanfarResearch Fellow
Peter SazaniResearch Fellow
Jason SchrumResearch Fellow
N. SchultesGraduate Student
Florian SeebeckResearch Fellow
Burckhard SeeligResearch Fellow
Jia ShengResearch Fellow
Glenn ShortResearch Fellow
A. SubtelnyUndergraduate Student
H. SugaResearch Fellow
N. SugawaraGraduate Student
H. SunGraduate Student
Lele SunResearch Fellow
Pamela SvecStaff/Research
Trista Talbot
Chun Pong TamGraduate Student
Sylvia TobeGraduate Student
Omer ToparlakGraduate Student
Douglas TrecoCollaborator
Simon TrevinoGraduate Student
Ching-Hsuan TsaiResearch Fellow
Thomas TulliusRotating Graduate Student
Emily UngerUndergraduate Student
Jonathan UrbachResearch Fellow
N. VaishVisiting Faculty
Isabel VogtUndergraduate Student
Alexander WaitGraduate Student
S. WhoriskeyResearch Fellow
C. WilsonResearch Fellow
D. WilsonResearch Fellow
Laising YenResearch Fellow
Na ZhangResearch Fellow
Shenglong ZhangResearch Fellow
Ting ZhuGraduate Student
G. ZimmermanResearch Fellow
Keyong ZouResearch Fellow

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