Xavier Lab

Ramnik Xavier, M.D.

Simches Research Center

Boston, MA 02114

Xavier Lab Members

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Kawther Abu Elneel photo

Kawther Abu Elneel
Lab Manager
Abdulrahman Basabrain photo

Abdulrahman Basabrain
Research Technician
Jason Bishai photo

Jason Bishai
Associate Computational Biologist
Moshe Biton photo

Moshe Biton
Research Fellow
Zhifang Cao photo

Zhifang Cao
Instructor in Medicine
Xiangjun Chen photo

Xiangjun Chen
Research Fellow
Elizabeth Creasey photo

Elizabeth Creasey
Project Manager
Ianina Ferder photo

Ianina Ferder
Research Fellow
Daniel Graham photo

Daniel Graham
Instructor in Medicine
Xiebin Gu photo

Xiebin Gu
Lab Tech II
Motohiko Kadoki photo

Motohiko Kadoki
Research Fellow
Haroon Kalam photo

Haroon Kalam
Research Fellow
Lingjia Kong photo

Lingjia Kong
Research Fellow
Kai Liu photo

Kai Liu
Research Fellow
Vishnu Mohanan photo

Vishnu Mohanan
Research Fellow
Toru Nakata photo

Toru Nakata
Research Fellow
Abdifatah Omar photo

Abdifatah Omar
Research Technician
Vladislav Pokatayev photo

Vladislav Pokatayev
Research Fellow
Theresa Reimels photo

Theresa Reimels
Medical Science Writer
Dmitry Shungin photo

Dmitry Shungin
Researcj Fellow
Thomas Sundberg photo

Thomas Sundberg
Research Scientist
Lingfei Wang photo

Lingfei Wang
Research Fellow
Jinjin Xu photo

Jinjin Xu
Research Fellow
Junmei Yao photo

Junmei Yao
Research Lab Manager
Moran Yassour photo

Moran Yassour
Research Fellow
Yun Zhao photo

Yun Zhao
Research Scientist

Past Members

Click on a member's name or photo to see their profile and publications

Leigh BaxtResearch Fellow
Christine BeckerResearch Fellow
Jakob BegunResearch Fellow
Yair BenitaResearch Fellow
Shrish BudreeTransitioning Researcher
Sarah CardenResearch Fellow
Kara ConwayResearch Fellow
Ashley DeschStaff/Research
Aivi DoanStaff/Research
Jason EisenbergStaff/Research
John GagnonStaff/Research
Kevin GaoStaff/Research
Agnes GardetResearch Fellow
Robert HeathResearch Fellow
Alan HuettResearch Fellow
Humberto JijonResearch Fellow
Bernard KhorResearch Fellow
Dan KnightsResearch Fellow
Petric KuballaResearch Fellow
Kara LassenStaff/Research
Stephanie Lee
Chun Li
Tatsuro MuranoResearch Fellow
Geraldine PaulusResearch Fellow
Joanna PeloquinResearch Fellow
Shan QinResearch Fellow
Souad RahmouniStaff/Research
Harry SokolResearch Fellow
Eduardo VillablancaOther MGH Appointment
Heather WachtelStaff/Research
Wenting XuGraduate Student

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