Welcome to the homepage of the Sadreyev lab. Our lab is based in the Department of Molecular Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital. We are also a part of the Department of Pathology at Harvard Medical School. 

We focus on computational analyses of large-scale biomedical data with the aim to better understand molecular mechanisms of genome regulation and pathophysiology of disease. We are particularly interested in the role of chromatin in the regulation of gene activity and other genomic functions.  We combine large-scale approaches of quantitative epigenomics with more focused approaches of biochemistry and genetics to test our computational hypotheses. When necessary, we develop new computational methods to advance these analyses.

A separate but overlapping area of our research is quantitative analysis of electronic medical records, which can provide new insights into disease development, help improve diagnosis, and inform patient’s treatment. We are especially interested in the computational analysis of clinical measurements widely performed in large groups of patients, for example standard blood tests.

Our lab is involved in intensive collaborations with multiple experimental and clinical research groups that focus on both fundamental and medical aspects of genomic and epigenomic regulation in healthy cells and disease.