Arabidopsis Regulatory Pathways

Our lab members have contributed to these regulatory pathways that have been well characterized in Arabidopsis. The contributors' names are listed in the last column of the following table.

Click on the pathway to download the list of genes in a tab delimited format
Family Number of Members Contributor
BR Signaling and Biosynthesis 74 Matthew Willmann
C2H4 Signaling 50 Sang-Dong Yoo
Circadian Clock 17 Elena Baena Gonzalez and Jen Sheen
Cytokinin 32 Jen Sheen and Yanxia Liu
Flowering 40 Wan-Ling Chiu
GA 33 Bernard Lam
Auxin 156 Shu-Hua Cheng
JA 33 Satoru Mita
Protein Degradation 36 Young-Hee Cho
Defence 29 Senthil Ramu
Sugar 20 Jen Sheen and Yanxia Liu
ABA 38 Jen Sheen
Total 558  

Selected Literature Relevant to Regulatory Pathways: Global gene expression using Arabidopsis microarrays and Affymetrix GeneChips

Note: The use of microarrays and Affymetrix GeneChips provided new information for target genes in specific regulatory pathways. These genes are generally not included in the Regulatory Pathway Gene List due to the large number. Selected references are listed, that could add more information to the regulatory pathways. More comprehensive reference list could be found at the Virtual Library of Plant-Arrays Maintained by Tim Tranbarger.