CDPK T-DNA Insertion Lines (SALK Institute and Syngenta)

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Name Insertional mutagen Clone Nameb Hitc Sourced Notee
CPK1 T-DNA SALK_010530 Exon A  
  T-DNA SALK_007911 Intron A  
  T-DNA SALK_007917 Intron A  
  T-DNA SALK_007918 Intron A  
  T-DNA SALK_007919 Intron A  
  T-DNA SALK_007698 Exon A  
  T-DNA Garlic_345_B04 Intron B  
CPK2 T-DNA SALK_014870 300-3' A  
  T-DNA SALK_036166 Exon A  
  T-DNA Garlic_1288_C10 Exon B  
CPK3 T-DNA Garlic_234_B06 300-5' B  
CPK4 T-DNA SALK_000685 Intron A  
  T-DNA -- ? D 1
CPK6 T-DNA SALK_034106 300-5' A  
  T-DNA SALK_033392 300-5' A  
  T-DNA SALK_033739 300-5' A  
  T-DNA Garlic_690_H07 Exon B  
  T-DNA -- ? D 1
CPK7 T-DNA SALK_052656 L300-3' W  
  T-DNA SALK_052662 L300-3' W  
  T-DNA SALK_035601 Exon W  
  T-DNA SALK_127223 Exon C  
  T-DNA SAIL_588_G05 L500-5' B  
  T-DNA SAIL_672_C06 L500-5' B  
  T-DNA SAIL_1163_B01 L500-5' B  
  T-DNA SAIL_143b_A03 L500-5' B  
  T-DNA SAIL_16_A10 L500-5' B  
  T-DNA SAIL_234_B11 L500-5' B  
  T-DNA SAIL_797_D05 L500-5' B  
CPK8 T-DNA SALK_036581 Exon A  
CPK7 T-DNA SALK_052656 L300-3' A  
  T-DNA -- ? D 1
  T-DNA -- ? D 1
  T-DNA -- ? D 1
  T-DNA -- ? D 1
  T-DNA -- ? D 1
  T-DNA -- ? D 1
  T-DNA -- ? D 1
  T-DNA -- ? D 1
CPK9 T-DNA SALK_034324 300-5' A  
  T-DNA   ? D 1, 2
CPK10 T-DNA SALK_015994 300-3' A  
  T-DNA SALK_032021 Intron A  
  T-DNA SALK_003484 Exon A  
  T-DNA   ? D 1, 2
CPK11 T-DNA SALK_007814 Intron A  
  T-DNA   ? D 1, 2
CPK12 T-DNA Garlic_839_H10 Intron B  
CPK15 T-DNA Garlic_1284_H09 Promoter B  
CPK17 T-DNA SALK_001818 300-3' A  
CPK19 T-DNA SALK_001691 Exon A  
  T-DNA SALK_001685 Exon A  
  T-DNA Garlic_1215_F07 Exon B  
CPK20 T-DNA Garlic_377_G02 Promoter B  
CPK21 T-DNA SALK_029412 Exon A  
CPK23 T-DNA SALK_007958 Intron A  
  T-DNA Garlic_754_E09 Exon B  
CPK24 T-DNA SALK_015986 Exon A  
CPK27 T-DNA Garlic_61_A09 300-5' B  
CPK29 T-DNA SALK_013734 300-3' A  
CPK30 T-DNA Garlic_337_G01 Promoter B  
CPK31 T-DNA SALK_007777 Exon C  
  T-DNA SALK_007836 Intron C  
  T-DNA SALK_007777 Exon C  
  T-DNA SALK_007844 Intron W  
  T-DNA SALK_007836 Intron W  
  T-DNA SALK_049221 Intron C
  T-DNA SALK_049228 Exon C
  T-DNA SALK_049236 Exon C
CPK32 Transposon et5772|ds5 Exon C  
CPK33 T-DNA Garlic_26_C12 Exon B  

a The insertional mutants listed are all Columbia ecotype. b The criteria used to determine insertional mutants form TMRI/Syngenta and Genetrap after BLAST search are E value less than 1e-04 and score greater than 460. c 300-3'(5') indicates that insertion is within 300 nucleotides in the 3' (5') of the open reading frame, while insertion between 300 and 1000 nucleotides in the 5' of the open reading frame is listed as an insertion in the promoter. d The sources of knockout collections are: A, Salk Institute Genomic Analysis laboratory ( ); B, TMRI/Syngenta (; C, Genetrap (Cold Spring Harbor Laoratroy;; D, Wisconsin Arabidopsis Knockout Facility ( e 1, Satterlee and Sussman, 1998; 2, Krysan et al., 1996.