Name Offname AccName Locus ProID mRNA EST number ProLen Identity Note Product
ARR3 At1g59940 AC007258 F23H11.25 AAD39333 AB008486 7 231     response regulator 3(ARR3),response regulator 3
ARR4 (ATRR1) At1g10470 AC007067 T10O24.8 AAD39568 AF057282,AB008487,AB010915 12 259     two-component response regulator homolog(IBC7),responce regulator1,response regulator 4(Arr4),T10O24.8,responce reactor2
ARR5 (ATRR2) At3g48100 AL049658 T17F15.30 CAB41129 AB010916,AY072390,AB008488 7 184     responce reactor2
ARR6 At5g62920 AB009053 MQB2.220 BAB10861 AB008489 8 186     response regulator 6(ARR6),response regulator 6(MQB2_24)
ARR7 At1g19050 AC068602 F14D16.12 AAF79300 AB008490 no on MIPS 206     response regulator 7(ARR7),F14D16.20
ARR8 (ATRR3) At2g41310 AC005662 F13H10.14 AAC78541 AY074643,AB010917 1 225     responce reactor3,putative two-component response regulator 3
ARR9 (ATRR4) At3g57040 AL138655 F24I3.120 CAB72174 AB010918 1 234     responce reactor4,responce reactor 4,response regulator 6(ARR6)
ARR15 At1g74890 AC008263 F25A4.14 AAG51914 AF305720 no on MIPS 206 124/151 (82%) to ARR7 with Type-A receiver    
ARR16 At2g40670 AC007660 T7D17.15 AAG40612 AF305721,AJ279079 no on MIPS 164 85/133 (63%) to ARR4 with Type-A receiver   putative two-component response regulator
ARR17 At3g56380 AL163972 T5P19.30 AAG40613 AF305722 no on MIPS 122 71/122 (58%) to ARR4 with Type-A receiver   response regulator-like protein
ARR22 At3g04280 AC016829 T6K12.10 AAF26786            
ARR1 At3g16857 AF305720 MUH15.1 BAB03073 AY056099 no on MIPS 690     ARR1 protein(K20I9_9),,response regulator 15,ARR1 protein(ARR1)
ARR2 At4g16110 AL161543 dl4095w CAB10390 AJ005196 1 644     hypothetical protein,receiver-like protein 5(ARP5),hypothetical protein,ARR2 protein(ARR2),two-component response regulator homolog(IBC6)
ARR10 At4g31920 AL021636,AL161580 F10N7.270 CAB79910 AJ005195 1 552     receiver-like protein 4(ARP4),predicted protein,predicted protein
ARR11/ARP3 At1g67710 AC008113 F12A21.15 AAG28891 AJ005194,AB041532,AB041532 no on MIPS 521     response regulator 11(ARR11),F12A21.15,receiver-like protein 3(ARP3)
ARR12 At2g25180 AC018722 F13D4.140 AAF19224   4 573     putative two-component response regulator
ARR13 At2g27070 AC005623 T20P8.12 AAC77865   no on MIPS 575   Lack D2 putative two-component response regulator
ARR14 At2g01760 AC006069 T8O11.7 AAD12696   1 382     putative two-component response regulator
ARR18 At5g58080 AB024029 k21l19.60 BAB10999   2 632 187/424 (44%) to ARR12 with MYB-related motif   (K21L19_7)
ARR19 At1g49190 AC016041 F27J15.4 AAF69721   no on MIPS 612 56/164 (34%) to ARR14 Lack D2, D1 is WDF F27J15.4
ARR20 At3g62670 AL162651 F26K9.100 CAB83117   no on MIPS 426 98/235 (41%) to ARR10 Lack D2, D1 is WDF putative protein
ARR21 At5g07210 AL163652 T28J14.150 CAB87277   no on MIPS 621 318/446 (71%) to ARR13 with MYB-related motif Lack D2 putative protein
ARR23 At5g62120 AB016880.1 MTG10.15 BAB10174   no on MIPS 145 45/100 (45%) to ARR13    
APRR1/TOC1 At5g61380 AF272039 mfb13.150 AAF86252 AB041530,AF272039,AJ251086 10 618     timing of CAB expression 1 protein(TOC1),response regulator 16,putative type A response regulator(ARR15),ABI3-interacting protein, AIP1(aip1)
APRR2 At4g18020 AL021889 T6K21.200 CAB78804 AB041531,AF385725 5 483      
APRR3 At5g60100 AB019231 mgo3.8 BAA96939 AB046956 no on MIPS 495 68/180 (37%) to APRR1 Lack D2, D1 is E (MGO3_8)
APRR4 At5g49240 AB016872 K21P3.12 BAB10342   no on MIPS 558 103/241 (42%) to ARR12 with MYB-related motif D2 is E instead of D, Lack D1  
APRR5 At5g24470 AB025641 T31K7.5 BAB08930 AY062114,AB046955 6   72/201 (35%) to APRR1 Lack D2, D1 is E  
APRR6 At1g68210 AC016447   AAG52609            
APRR7 At5g02810 AL162973 F9G14.120 CAB86035 AB046954,AY039943 7 720 62/177 (35%) to APRR1 Lack D2, D1 is E putative protein
APRR9 At2g46790 AC005310 F19D11.7 AAC33497 AF272040,AB046953 no on MIPS 468 53/128 (41%) to APRR1 Lack D2, D1 is E timing of CAB expression 1-like protein
APRR8 At4g00760 AF013294 T18A10.1 CAB80885