Name Acc_No(nrdb) Official Name CDNA Pro_ID Identity Len Active Motif Similar to AYLM Number in BAC Brief Source
MAPK phosphatases
AtMKP1 AC006068 At2g35680 AC006068  AAD15447 15/54 (27%) to At2g04550 383 aa VHCxxGxxR CYLV T20F21.13 unknown protein Lin,X    
AtMKP2 AB023036 At3g23610 Y18620 CAA77232   198 aa VHCxxGxxR AYLM motif   MDB19.10 dual-specificity protein phosphatase Sato,S.,    
AtMKP3 AB013392 At5g56610   BAB09879   235 aa VHCxxGxxR CYLI MIK19.6   Nakamura,Y.    
AtMKP4 AC006951  At2g04550 AC006951 AAD25825   283 aa VHCxxGxxR AYLM motif   T1O3.4 putative protein phosphatase Lin,X.    
AtMKP5(PTPKIS1) AL049711 At3g52180   CAB41338, T49097 42/137 (30%) to At2g35680 347 aa VHCxxGxxR TYMF F4F15.290   EU Arabidopsis sequencing,project    
AtMKP6 AC009991 At3g10940   AAF01527   282 aa VHCxxGxxR AYMY F9F8.24   Lin,X.    
AtMKP7 AC018907 At3g06110   AAF30304   167 aa VHCxxGxxR AYLM motif   F28L1.5 putative dual-specificity protein phosphatase Lin,X    
AtMKP8 AB005244 At5g23720   BAB10045 42/125 (33%) to At2g04550 24/63 (38%) to At2g35680 946 aa VHCxxGxxR AYLM motif   MQM1.1 putative protein Nakamura,Y.    
AtMKP9 T47666  At3g55270   CAB75761 43 aa differ from AtMKP10 771 aa VHCxxGxxR AYLM motif   T26I12.150 phosphatase - like protein Monfort,A.    
AtMKP10 AAK29382  At3g55270 AF312745.1 CAB75761 38/123 (30%) to AtMKP4 784 aa VHCxxGxxR AYLM motif     MAP kinase phosphatase Ulm,R.,    
Unknown1 AC009325  At3g01510   AAF01536 39/128 (30%) to AtMKP10 62/176 (35%) to AtMKP6 716 aa VTCxxGxxR AYLH F4P13.6 unknown protein Lin,X.    
Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase
Name Acc_No(nrdb) Official Name CDNA PROTEIN Blast Identity Range Length Active Motif   Number in BAC Brief Source    
AtPTP1 AJ006309, AF055635, AC012654  At1g71860   CAA06978, AAC68859 100% 340aa VHCxxGxxR   F14O23_21 PROTEIN TYROSINE PHOSPHATASE (EC (F14O23.24 PROTEIN). Fordham-Skelton,A.P.    
AtPTP AC018363  At3g02800   AAF26980 18/41 (43%) to AtPTP1 199 aa IHCxxGxxR   F13E7.26 unknown protein Lin,X.    
AtPTP AB005242 At5g16480   BAB09615 17/41 (41%) to AtPTP1 203 aa IHCxxGxxR   MQK4.21 contains similarity to tyrosine phosphatase Nakamura,Y.    
AtPTP AB025624 At3g19420   BAB02466     VHCxxGxxR   MLD14.22 tyrosine phosphatase-like protein(MLD14_15)      
AtPTP AY059767,AL132978 At3g50110 AY059767 CAB62119     VHCxxGxxR   F3A4.190 putative tyrosine phosphatase,putative tyrosine phosphatase      
AtPTP AL138642 At3g62010   CAB71908     FNCxxGxxR   F21F14_180 putative protein      
AtPTP AB009054 At5g39400   BAB11013     VHCxxGxxR AYLV MUL8_8        
AtPTP AF177535 At5g28210   AAD49100     VHCxxGxxR   F26C17_2        
AtPTP   At2g32960   T01111   218 IHCxxGxxR            
AtPTP AC005322 At1g05000   AAC97999   215 IHCxxGxxR