I. Arabidopsis Transcription Regulator (AtTR) Gene List

Procedures and resources summary document: TRsummary03final.doc

TR families summary table: TRfamily03final.xls

TR gene list: TRs_all_final.xls


II. Regulatory Pathway Gene List

Summary table: pathway_sum.xls

Individual Lists.


III. Microarray and Affychip Papers (reference list)


Note: These genes could potentially be added to regulatory pathways. However, it's beyond our capacity.


IV. Arabidopsis Gene Family List

Summary table: gene-info-all_sum_final.xls

Integrated gene family list: Gene-fam_all_sheen+tigr+mips_final.xls

These files present the gene function lists that we collected from literature, websites and Blast in the lab.