To better share the information we have learned from our research, we have provided three PowerPoint presentations covering 1) an overview of plant signal transduction, 2) sugar signaling, and 3) MAPK signaling in innate immunity. In addition, we are sharing our protocols, protoplast FAQ and virtual journal club.

PowerPoint Presentation | Protocols | Protoplast FAQ | Virtual Journal Club | Genetics 300

PowerPoint presentations

Plant signaling

Genetic and molecular evidence from our studies suggest that plant signal transduction pathways connect to each other through many levels and by diverse mechanisms.


Sugar signaling

A genetic model of interactions between sugar and hormone signaling in Arabidopsis.



A MAPK cascade in Arabidopsis innate immunity

A model of innate immune signalling activated by LRR receptors in Arabidopsis, mammals and Drosophila.

Genetics 300

Circadian Rhythms in Plants

by Elena Baena Gonzalez


Ethylene Signaling in Plants

by Sang-Dong Yoo


SAR Signaling

by Wisuwat Songnuan

Plant Root Endosymbioses

by Ethan Levesque

miRNAs and other RNAi-related factors: functions in plant and animal gene regulation and development

by Gabriel Hayes