Updated Affymetrix Arabidopsis GeneChip Annotation Search

This updated annotation is for the Affymetrix GeneChip ATH1 Genome Array (25K), which has more than 22,700 probe sets representing over 24,000 genes. Updated annotation for the first Arabidopsis GeneChip with 8247 probe sets (8K) can be found here.

Additional Gene Functional Information

To facilitate global gene expression analysis and extract useful information from massive amount of data (e.g., generated by Affymetrix GeneChips and microarrays) to reveal biological insights, we have initiated an effort to classify Arabidopsis genes based on related functions. We have organized the information collected from literature, websites and blast searches into a master table. These genes can be searched and downloaded here.

The strategy for determining Affymetrix GeneChip ATH1 Genome Array annotation (25K)

In collaboration with TIGR, Affymetrix has provided better and informative annotation for its ATH1 Genome Array. As the annotaiton was done before TIGR's third major release (3.0) of the Arabidopsis genome annotation. The Affymetrix annotation has missed new genes added since version 2.0 and other important updates.

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