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This updated annotation is for the first Arabidopsis GeneChip with 8247 probe sets.

Problems in Affymetrix GeneChip annotation


The strategy for determining Affymetrix GeneChip annotation


Based on the currently available resources, we have found incorrect or ambiguous annotation for a large number of Arabidopsis genes on the Affymetrix Genechip. Although many papers on global gene expression profiling have been published based on the existing annotation of Arabidopsis Affymetrix Genechip, the problems of incorrect or ambiguous annotation have never been brought up until NetAffx provided the actual GeneChip sequences. Three types of annotation problems are described in problems in Affymetrix GeneChip annotation. To eliminate the problems, we have written a Perl program to systematically gather the correct information. A new list (generated through a multi-step strategy as described in the strategy for determining Affymetrix annotation) with matching AGI names and GeneChip IDs and relevant information can now be searched or downloaded through our database. An updated GeneChip annotation generated independently using a different approach can also be searched or downloaded from the Schroeder lab web site.


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