Former Post-Doctoral Fellows

Name Degree Years Research Current Position
Ayan Pal Ph.D., Boston College 2012-2018 Origins of Life Licensing Specialist, Belfer Office for Dana-Farber Innovations
Tivoli Olsen Ph.D., University of California, Irvine 2012-2017 Origins of Life Scientist I, FogPharma
Albert Fahrenbach Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Northwestern University, Chicago 2012-2017 Origins of Life Associate Principal Investigator, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Earth-Life Science Institute)
Enver Cagri Izgu Ph.D., University of Minnesota 2012-2017 Systems Chemistry Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Rutgers University
Neha Kamat Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania 2014-2016 Membranes, Protocells Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University
Seung Soo Oh Ph. D., University of California, Santa Barbara 2014-2016 Ribozyme selections Assistant Professor, Pohang University of Science and Technology
Aaron Engelhart Ph. D., Georgia Institute of Technology 2011-2016 Self-assembly, nucleic acid polymerization Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Christian Hentrich Ph. D., EMBL and University of Heidelberg 2010-2015 Protocells, self-organization and microscopy Bio-Rad Abd Serotec
Aaron Larsen Ph. D., McGill University 2012-2015 RNA catalysis and thermodynamics Moderna Therapeutics
Anders Björkbom Ph. D., Åbo Akademi University 2012-2015 Lipids and mass spectrometry Statens Serum Institut.
Shenglong Zhang Ph.D., Columbia 2008-2014 RNA sequencing Assistant Professor, New York Institute of Technology
Ben Heuberger Ph.D., U.C. Riverside 2008-2014 Nucleoside chemistry Patent Agent - K&L Gates LLP
Jia Sheng Ph.D., Georgia State University 2012-2013 RNA crystallography Assistant Professor, SUNY Albany
Yollete V.
Guillen Schlippe
Ph.D., Brandeis University 2005-2012 Peptide Selections Project Leader 3B Pharmaceuticals, Berlin, Germany
Na Zhang Ph.D., Cornell U. Medical School 2007-2012 NMR Associate Professor at High Magnetic Field
Laboratory, Hefei, AnHui, China
Matthew Powner Ph.D., University of Manchester 2009-2011 Predisposed chemistry Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, UCL
A. Ricardo Ph.D., Florida 2006-2010 Nucleoside chemistry Ra Pharmaceuticals
C.-W. Lin Ph.D., MIT 2006-2010 Peptide selection Bristol-Myers Squibb
M. Krishnamurthy Ph.D., U. of Tennessee 2006-2009 Nucleoside chemistry Asst. Professor at Fitchburg State University
A. Bell Ph.D., New York University 2005-2009 Peptide Selection Asst. Prof, The University of Southern Mississippi
J. Chen Ph.D., MIT 2006-2009 GNA Millennium Pharmaceuticals
J. Iwasa Ph.D., UCSF 2006-2008 3D molecular visualizations Lecturer, Harvard Medical School
B. Seelig Ph.D., Freie University Berlin 2000-2008 Peptide selection Asst. Prof, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
M. Sam Ph.D., UCLA 2005-2008 Phosphoramidate DNA Postdoc, UCLA
L. Sun Ph.D., UMass 2003-2008 Isothermal DNA replication Applied Biosystems
C. Tsai Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon 2002-2008 TNA/Protein engineering GSK
F. Seebeck Ph.D., ETH-Zurich 2005-2008 Selection of peptides Prof, University of Basel
A. Patel Ph.D., M.D., Yale University 2006-2008 RNA aptamer selections Asst. Prof., Yale
S. Mansy Ph.D., Ohio State 2004-2007 Model Protocell Membranes Asst. Prof., Univ. Trento, Italy
A. Luptak Ph.D., Yale 2002-2007 Replicase Prof., U.C. Irvine
J. Ong Ph.D., Univ of Cambridge 2004-2006 Membrane fusion catalysis New England Biolabs
M. Hartman Ph.D., U. Michigan 2003-2006 Peptide Selection Asst. Prof., Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
K. Josephson Ph.D., U. Alabama 2002-2006 Protein Selection Senior Scientist, Serono
P. Sazani Ph.D., UNC Chapel Hill 2002-2005 Polymerase Ribozymes Research Assoc., UNC Chapel Hill
P.A. Monnard Ph.D., ETH 2002-2005 Eutectic RNA polymerization Associate Prof., Univ. of Southern Denmark
M. Hancyzc Ph.D., Yale 1999-2005 Selection by Encapsulation Associate Prof., Univ. of Southern Denmark
K. Salehi-Ashtiani Ph.D., Northwestern 1994-2005 Ribozymes Associate Prof., NYU Abu Dhabi
H. J. Lee Ph.D., Univ of Oxford 2001-2005 mRNA Display SeraCare Life Sciences
J. Chaput Ph.D., U.C. Riverside 2000-2004 DNA Self-Assembly Associate Prof., Arizona State
G. Short Ph.D., U. Virginia 1999-2002 Protein Evolution Dir. Microarray Analysis, MGH
R. Liu Ph.D., UCSD 1997-2001 Protein Selection Associate Prof., Univ. North Carolina
C.-H. Kim Ph.D., Cal Tech 1998-2001 NA Replicase Res. Fellow, NIH
J. Davis Ph.D., UCSF 1996-2001 Aptamer NMR Res. Scientist, Lexigen
A. Keefe Ph.D., Birmingham 1997- 2001 Protein Selection Group Leader, Archemix
G. Zimmermann Ph.D., U.C. Boulder 1997-2001 RNP Selction Res. Scientist, Combinatorex
D. Wilson Ph.D., Rockefeller 1996-2000 DNA recognition Research Scientist, Zyomyx
T. Heuer Ph.D., Stanford 1998-2000 Integrase Exelixis Pharmaceuticals
Z. Huang Ph.D., ETH 1994-1998 Aptamers Prof., Georgia State
R. Roberts Ph.D., Yale 1993-1997 Protein Selection Prof., University of Southern California
H. Suga Ph.D., MIT 1994-1997 Ribozymes Prof., University of Tokio
C. Lauhon Ph.D., Berkeley 1992-1996 Redox Aptamers Associate Prof., University of Wisconsin-Madison
P. Lohse Ph.D., ETH 1993-1995 New ribozymes Director of Chemistry, Phylos, Inc.
B. Cuenod Ph.D., Yale 1993-1995 Catalysis by DNA Res. Scientist, Novalis
K. Chapman Ph.D., Hopkins 1992-1994 Ribozymes Res. Scientist, Geron Corp.
L. Landweber Ph.D., Harvard 1993-1994 Editing Ribozymes Assoc. Prof., Princeton
C. Wilson Ph.D., UCSF 1991-1994 New Ribozymes Vice President Technology, Archemix
S. Whoriskey Ph.D., UCLA 1988-1993 Ribozymes Principal, Whoriskey Associates & MIT E-Center
M. Sassanfar Ph.D., Cornell U. 1990-1993 Aptamers Instructor, HHMI undergraduate
A. Ellington Ph.D., Harvard 1988-1991 Aptamers Prof., U. Texas, Austin
M. Famulok Ph.D., U. Marburg 1990-1991 RNA Aptamers Prof., U. Bonn
U. Pace Ph.D., Weizman Inst. 1987-1989 Ribozymes Res. Scientist, Innovir Inc.
D. Dawson Ph.D., U. Utah 1983-1987 Yeast Meiosis Group leader, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
A. Nicholas Ph.D., U. Paris-Sud 1984-1987 Recombination Prof., Inst. Curie
V. Lundblad Ph.D., Harvard 1983-1987 Telomeres Prof., Salk Institute
D. Treco Ph.D., SUNY 1985-1988 Recombination CEO, Ra Pharma
M. Whiteway Ph.D., U. Alberta 1983-1985 Cell Cycle Assoc. Prof., NRC Canada
A. Reynolds Ph.D., Tufts U. 1982-1985 Yeast plasmids Staff Scientist, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


Former Graduate Students

Name Years Degree Research Current Position
Noam Prywes 2011-2016 Ph.D. 2016, Harvard Nonenzymatic RNA polymerization Postdoc, Weizmann institute for science in Rehovot Israel
Tony Z. Jia 2012-2016 Ph.D. 2016, Harvard Peptide-Assisted Nonenzymatic RNA Replication in Coacervate Droplets Research Scientist, Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
J. Craig Blain 2008-2013 Ph.D. 2013, Harvard Synthesis of non-natural nucleic acids Scientist, Arrakis Therapeutic
K. Adamala 2008-2013 Ph.D. 2013, Roma Tre Univ. Prebiotic synthesis of lipid and nucleotide derivatives Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Itay Budin 2007-2012 Ph.D. 2012, Harvard Evolutionary Biophysics Fellow, University of California-Berkeley, Miller Institute
S. Trevino 2006-2010 Ph.D. 2010, Harvard Mosaic nucleic acids Albert Einstein College of Medicine
S. Tobé 2005-2010 Ph.D. 2010, France Non-enzymatic polymerization Ra Pharmaceuticals
T. Zhu 2005-2010 Ph.D. 2010, MIT Protocell division Faculty, Tsinghua University, China
J. Schrum 2005-2010 Ph.D. 2010, Harvard Non-enzymatic polymerization Fellow, Flagship Ventures
M. Elenko 2004-2010 Ph.D. 2010, Harvard Single aptamer molecules
R. Bruckner 2005-2009 Ph.D. 2009, Harvard Membrane Behavior Postdoc, Harvard
J. Ichida 2000-2007 Ph.D. 2007, Harvard TNA synthesis Postdoc, Harvard
J. Carothers 1999-2005 Ph.D. 2005, Harvard RNA Replicase Postdoc, LBNL / Berkeley
I. Chen 1999-2005 Ph.D. 2005, Harvard Membrane Interactions Bauer Fellow, Harvard
G. Cho 1996-2004 Ph.D. 2004, Harvard mRNA display Chemistry, MGH
S. Oestreich 2000-2004 Ph.D. 2004, FU Berlin Aptamer affinity and specificity Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research
S. Fujikawa 1999-2003 Ph.D. 2003, Harvard Vesicle division Law student
A. Das 1993-2000 Ph.D. 2000, Harvard Ribozyme Evolution  
J. Pollard 1994-2000 Ph.D. 2000, Harvard Aptamer Evolution 3rd Millenium
J. Urbach 1995-2000 Ph.D. 2000, Harvard Ribozyme Evolution Bioinformatics, MGH
A. Hager 1991-1997 Ph.D. 1997, Harvard RNA Replicase Patent Preparer
D. Huizenga 1992-1997 Ph.D. 1997, Harvard Deoxyribozymes Law Student
J. Lorsch 1991-1995 Ph.D. 1995, Harvard Selecting  New Ribozymes Prof., Johns Hopkins
C.-W. Lin 1989-1994 Ph.D. 1994, Harvard Ribozyme mechanisms Resident, U. Chicago
D. Bartel 1988-1993 Ph.D. 1993, Harvard Ribozyme selctions Prof., MIT/HHMI
R. Green 1987-1992 Ph.D. 1992, Harvard Ribozymes Prof., Johns Hopkins/HHMI
H. Sun 1986-1991 Ph.D. 1990, Harvard Recombination Nevada Cancer Institute
M. Hanna 1985-1990 Ph.D. 1990, Harvard Ribozymes Postdoc, McGill
N. Schultes 1985-1990 Ph.D. 1990, Harvard Recombination Res. Scientist, USDA
J. Doudna 1984-1989 Ph.D. 1989, Harvard Ribozymes Prof., U.C. Berkeley/HHMI
B. Dunn 1982-1988 Ph.D. 1988, Harvard Telomeres Res. Scientist
N Sugawara 1980-1988 Ph.D. 1988, Harvard Telomeres Postdoc, Brandeis
S. Ruby 1980-1985 Ph.D. 1985, Harvard DNA Repair Prof., UNM
A. Murray 1980-1985 Ph.D. 1984, Harvard Chromosone Structure Prof., Harvard
T. Orr-Weaver 1979-1983 Ph.D. 1983, Harvard Recombination Prof., MIT


Former Visiting Scientists

Name Degree Years Research Current Position
N. Vaish Ph.D., IIT Kanpur, India 1999-2001 RNA/Protein Evolution Associate Director, MDRNA Inc.
Satoru Horiya Ph.D., The Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo 2010-2012 Peptide Selections Postdoc, Brandeis


Former Undergraduate Students

Name Years School Research Current Position
Yale Michaels 2011-2013 Harvard Ribozymes
Emily Unger 2011-2013 Harvard Nonenzymatic RNA Replication
Isabel Vogt 2010-2012 Harvard Nucleotides & Ribozymes Mathematics, Harvard
Justin Godbout Summer 2012 Queen's University, Canada Crystallography Medical School, University of Ottawa
S. Bjork 2009-2010 Harvard MoNA Marshall Fellow, U Cambridge
X. Cai 2007-2009 Harvard GNA MD/PhD Student, UT Southwestern
A. Subtelny 2005-2008 Harvard Peptide Selection Medical Student, Harvard Medical School


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