AgaroseLoading Dyes

Glen Cho


Agarose loading dyesare used to quantitate amount of DNA present as well as providing a molecularweight standards. Quantitation markers will not be prepared but dilutedand used by others.

Order 100 bp DNA markerand Low MW Mass Ladder from Gibco BRL.

100bp DNA markerpreparation:

to make 7.5 ml

750 ul 100 bp DNA ladder(3 tubes/250ul each)

150 ul 10% SDS (2%final)

500 ul Bromphenol Blueloading dye

1000 ul Orange loadingdye

50 ul 3M NaCl

5050 ul H20

Make 750 ul aliquotesand store at -20 C.

100 bp Ladder LowDNA Mass Ladder

Note: 10 ul of the100 bp ladder has these corresponding masses.

100 = 30ng

200 = 45ng

300 = 45ng