Center for Computational & Integrative Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital
Department of Molecular Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University
Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

  Jack W. Szostak
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School
Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University
Alex. A. Rich Distinguished Investigator, Department of Molecular Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital

  Francesca Del Frate - Undergraduate Student
A.B. Molecular and cellular biology (expected), Harvard University

Research: Lipids and RNA selection
  Aaron Engelhart - Postdoc
Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology

Research: Self-assembly, nucleic acid polymerization
  Albert Fahrenbach - Postdoc
Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Northwestern University, Chicago USA

Research: Origins of Life
  Christian Hentrich - Postdoc
Ph.D., EMBL and University of Heidelberg, Germany

Research: Protocells, self-organization and microscopy
  Enver Izgu - Postdoc
Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Research: Origins of Life
  Dipti Jasrasaria - Undergraduate Student
A.B., Chemistry (expected), Harvard University

Research: Non-enzymatic RNA primer extension
  Tony Z. Jia - Graduate Student, Chemistry Program
B.S., California Institute of Technology, USA

Research: In vitro RNA evolution
  Lin Jin - Graduate Student
MSE. Johns Hopkins University

Research: Protocells, RNA replication
  Neha Kamat - Postdoc
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Research: Membranes, Protocells
  Aaron Larsen - Postdoc
Ph.D., McGill University, Canada

Research: Ribozyme selections
  Victor Lelyveld - Postdoc
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research: Ribozymes
  Li Li - Postdoc
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research: Molecular dynamics simulations
  Nathalie Madern - Postdoc
Ph.D., University Pierre et Marie Curie, ENSCP, France

Research: Origins of Life
  Ayan Pal - Postdoc
Ph.D., Boston College

Research: Origins of Life
  Noam Prywes - Graduate Student
B.A., Columbia University

Research: Ribozymes
  Seung Soo Oh - Postdoc
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara

Research: Ribozyme selections
  Tivoli Olsen - Postdoc
Ph.D., University of California, Irvine

Research: Origin of Life
  Pam Svec - HHMI Lab Manager
  Chun Pong (James) Tam - Graduate Student
B.S. in Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research: Synthesis of non-natural nucleotides; Non-enzymatic RNA primer extension
  Travis Walton - Graduate Student
B.A. Lewis & Clark College

Research: Non-enzymatic RNA replication
  Weicheng Zhang (Michael) - Graduate Student

Research: Chemistry
  Wen Zhang - Postdoc
Ph.D., Georgia State University

Research: RNA molecular evolution
  Lijun Zhou - Postdoc
Ph.D., Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Research: Origin of life

General Contact Information:

CCIB 7215
Simches Research Center
185 Cambridge Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02114

FAX: 617-643-3328
Lab Manager Phone: 617-726-5102


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