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The plant hormone abscisic acid (ABA) modulates a wide spectrum of responses, including gene activation and repression, guard cell closure, cell cycle blockage, and photosynthesis inhibition, under multiple environmental stress conditions such as drought, cold, and salinity. ABA also plays a pivotal role in the developmental program of seed maturation, desiccation, dormancy, and germination.


Our lab is interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying ABA perception and signal transduction from the receptors to the target genes. We have established that isolated mesophyll protoplasts from both maize and Arabidopsis respond to ABA and various stress signals as in intact leaves, thus providing a simple but powerful system to dissect the ABA and stress signal transduction pathways. Although calcium has been implicated as a second messenger in ABA and multiple stress signaling, the calcium sensor and downstream regulatory components have not been identified. We have used the maize and Arabidopsis mesophyll protoplasts to show that specific calcium-dependent protein kinases (CDPKs) are positive regulators, whereas multiple protein phosphatases C (PP2Cs) are negative regulators in ABA and stress signaling. Our system offers powerful tools to complement the classical genetic and molecular approaches in dissecting the ABA and stress signal transduction pathways, especially when redundant functions are involved. We are also actively using the protoplast transient expression systems to perform functional genomic and proteomic analyses of CDPK genes in Arabidopsis. Our studies have generated molecular tools to improve crop plant tolerance to multiple environmental stress conditions.


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