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Department of Genetics
Harvard Medical School
Department of Molecular Biology
185 Cambridge St. - CPZN7624E
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA 02114
Office: 617 726-5916
Lab: 617 726-5963
Fax: 617 726-6893


We are probing plant life by developing simple and powerful tools and strategies to unravel plant signal transduction pathways extending from sensors/receptors to signaling cascades and target genes and proteins that are central to energy and metabolic homeostasis, innate immunity, stress adaptation, cell fate specification, plant shape and architecture determination. Our investigations are guided by our curiosity and the desire to promote the use of green plants as a versatile and fascinating model system for discovering fundamental principles in the regulatory networks of living organisms.

HMS Course Genetics 369 Molecular Mechanisms of Plant Signal Transduction
Genetics 300 Molecular mechanisms of plant signal transduction (Lectures & seminars)
Genetics 369 Molecular mechanisms of plant signal transduction (Rotation)

Selected Publications:

Liu, K-H., Liu, M., Lin, Z., Wang, Z-F., Chen, B., Liu, C., Guo, A., Konishi, M., Yanagisawa, S., Wagner, G. and Sheen, J. 2022. NIN-like protein 7 transcription factor is a plant nitrate sensor.  Science 377:1419-1425 PDF  Supplementary Material

Ye, R.Q., Wang, M., Du, H., Chhajed, S., Koh, J., Liu, K-H., Shin, J., Wu, Y., Shi, L., Xu, L., Chen, S., Zhang, Y. and Sheen, J. 2022. Glucose-driven TOR-FIE-PRC2 signaling controls plant development.  Nature Published online: 14 September 2022.PDF

Jiang, W., Bush, J. and Sheen J., 2021. A Versatile and Efficient Plant Protoplast Platform for Genome Editing by Cas9 RNPs  Front. Genome Ed. 3:719190 PDF  SUPP  doi: 10.3389/fgeed.2021.719190

Li L., Liu K-h. and Sheen J., 2021. Dynamic Nutrient Signaling Networks in Plants Ann Rev Cell Dev Biol 37:341-67 PDF  doi: 10.1146/annurev-cellbio-010521-015047  Epub 2021 Aug 5  PMID: 34351784  PMCID: PMC8497281

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Ramon, M., Dang, TVT., Broeckx, T., Hulsmans, S., Crepin N., Sheen, J. and Rolland, R. 2019. Default activation and nuclear translocation of the plant cellular energy sensor SnRK1 regulate metabolic stress responses and development. Plant Cell 31:1614-1632. Epub 2019 May 13  PDF  doi: 10.1105/tpc.18.00500  PMID: 31123051

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