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This documentation covers configuring your mail clients on various platforms to connect to our mail servers. Some general articles are listed here, with additional categories available in the menu above.

Archiving Mail

How to make a copy of the contents of your Molbio mailbox for archive purposes.

Redirect Email from Partners to Molbio

How to redirect your Partners email to your Molbio account.

Export Roundcube address book to Zimbra

ZimbraZimbra: How to export your address book from the Roundcube webmail interface in to Zimbra.

Thunderbird: Account setup for Zimbra

Thunderbird: How to setup Thunderbird for your Zimbra email account on Daedalus.

Thunderbird: Account setup for Amber

Thunderbird: How to setup Thunderbird for your email account on Amber.

Zimbra: Address Book Setup

Zimbra: How to setup your Zimbra calendars in the Mac OS Address Book .

Mac Mail: Migrating from Amber to Zimbra

Zimbra: How to setup Mac OS Mail when migrating from Amber to Zimbra/Daedalus.

Mac Mail: New Account Setup for Zimbra

Zimbra: A walkthrough for setting up your Zimbra account in Mac OS Mail.