RNA Pool Design Considerations
Designing Nucleic Acid Pools for in vitro Selection
Mutually Primed and Templated Pool Synthesis
Nucleic Acid Pools for invitroSelection : Design, Complexity, and Purification

Protein Pool Design Considerations
Protein Pool Design

Selection Technology
Typical RNA Aptamer Selection: a GTP aptamer
Use of Biotin-Avidin Agarose
RNA Pool Immobization
Reverse Transcription
RNA Selection on Thiopropyl_sepharose

Protein Selections
CPG_puromyocin Synthesis
Moore-Sharp Splinted DNA Ligation and Protein-RNA fusion Generation
Protein PAGE

Basic Techniques
Native Nucleic Acid PAGE
Denaturing Nucleic Acid PAGE
PCR optimization and large scale PCR
Mutagenic PCR
Seiving Agarose gels
T7 RNA Transcription
Oligo Synthesis, Deprotection, Purification
Assessing Pool complexity
Restriction Digest and Ligation to produce Large Random Pools
Oligo dT isolation
DNA Cloning and Sequencing
Psoralen Crosslinking
Alignments and Motif/Homology Searches

NTPs stocks
Urea loading dyes
Agarose loading dyes

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